During pregnancy due to hormones, endocrine changes and other reasons, many physiological functions of pregnant mothers have also changed, skin state changes is one of them. Experienced mothers know that after pregnancy, the skin becomes extremely sensitive and vulnerable to environmental damage, especially UV damage.

Some pregnant mothers, pregnant skin condition deterioration, face will grow many small spots, although with hormone changes have a close relationship, but also with the care when oh. Long-term neglect of skin care and sun protection, then spots may increase, color deepening, increase the difficulty of postpartum elimination.

Therefore, pregnant women must pay attention to sunscreen travel, especially in the summer, when pregnant women go out in the sun to apply sunscreen, do some appropriate protective measures is actually very necessary.

First, sunscreen cream.

For sunscreen, sunscreen is the first choice. Pregnant women must choose a mild, safe brand of sunscreen that won’t hurt their babies. A single effective sunscreen is the preferred product to prevent ultraviolet radiation damage. Other sunscreens, such as whitening, freckling and anti-aging, are not suitable for pregnant women because the more effective they are. Its composition is also more complex, which is likely to cause harm to the fetus.

Two, sunscreen clothing

In general, pregnant mothers prefer physical sun protection, such as holding an umbrella or wearing a sunshade hat. However, there are many mothers may find it troublesome to apply sunscreen, go out to play an umbrella is also troublesome, so you can choose some suitable sunscreen clothes, in the choice of materials as comfortable and breathable as possible, oh, go out should also try to avoid the sun at noon and so on.

Three, after sun repair

For some pregnant mothers still at work, unavoidable in and out, the skin will inevitably be a bit injured, as long as usually pay more attention to care and maintenance, to timely replenish the skin moisture and nutrition, in fact, can also reduce the sun damage to the skin.

For some pregnant mothers whose skin is relatively sensitive to the sun for a long time, they may even cause redness, swelling, or blisters. At this time, pregnant mothers must not be based on their own experience of random use of ointment oh, to know that pregnant mothers are in a special period, many drugs will affect the health of the baby oh. So if there is more serious dermatitis, seek medical advice in time.


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