Big eyes, white skin, long eyelashes, high nose Many expectant mothers want to have a high value baby. Some people start to do homework from the preparation of pregnancy, hoping to make the baby’s appearance win at the starting line through measures.

The fetal education for fetal education fetal education has been known for 5 months. The purchase of the music education course for the official account is given to the baby. At the beginning, Ruirui felt that the effect was very good. Every time she heard the music, she felt very comfortable, and her baby would move, which made her feel very happy.

With the progress of the course, she was tired of listening to the so-called famous music. Sometimes she was inexplicably irritable, leading to abnormal fetal movement. Finally, Ruirui went to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that Ruirui’s music prenatal education method was not correct, and asked her to stop the previous course. After stopping the course for a month, Ruirui returned to normal.

▎ listening to music does not change the appearance of BB, it can only make pregnant women relax

Music prenatal education has many benefits, the most direct benefit is to let pregnant mother feel relaxed. Because expectant mothers will become emotionally unstable under the influence of hormones, and soothing music, such as world famous music, can calm expectant mothers’ mood, relieve anxiety, and make pregnant mothers relax.

However, if you listen to more world-famous music, your baby’s face will be high, so there is no scientific basis. Why? Because the baby’s appearance is only related to the parents’ heredity, and will not change because of listening to music.

Baby’s appearance is only related to parents’ heredity

In fact, the baby’s appearance is only related to the parents’ heredity. Most people look like their father or mother, or choose one of their parents’ characteristics to “follow”. For example, if some of the parents have these characteristics, the baby’s appearance will be higher after birth.

Eyes: large eyes, double eyelids, long eyelashes are dominant inheritance

Nose: nose big, high and nostril wide, showing dominant inheritance

Mouth: thinning of upper lip and bulging of lower lip are dominant genetic factors

▎ the correct way to open music prenatal education

Although face value has nothing to do with music prenatal education, it does not deny the existence of music prenatal education. Correct music prenatal education is good for the fetus. Expectant mothers want to carry out music prenatal education, can do so ↓

1. Preparation stage: in a quiet environment, choose relaxed and pleasant, humorous and beautiful music, and adjust the volume to moderate. Then the expectant mother finds a comfortable back chair or lies on the bed with her hands naturally on her abdomen or on both sides of her feet to relax.

2. Begin to enjoy music: with the rhythm of music, expectant mothers narrow their eyes, regulate their breathing, relax naturally, and don’t think about any troubles. The whole person is immersed in the sea of music, dancing, body slowly shaking with the music rhythm.

3. End: about 10 minutes for each music prenatal education. When the music stops, the expectant mother will get up and walk slowly, stretch and have a rest.

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Music prenatal education does have many benefits. Pregnant mothers can enjoy it and hum along with the music, so that the soft and wonderful music can fill the living space, so that the baby can grow up happily in the cradle of music, and relax her tired body and tense nerves.


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