“Ah! What is it? Pregnancy! Pregnancy! Grain!? ” By the end of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers may suddenly scream in the morning. Although many pregnant mothers at the beginning of pregnancy, already know that there are stretch marks this thing, but when pregnancy is often a fluke, always feel that they may not grow stretch marks. When you find yourself pregnant with stretch marks, you will be surprised and disappointed. With regard to stretch marks, different strategies should be adopted at different stages. Did pregnant mothers see hope again?

First, how do pregnant mothers view pregnancy marks?

Readily accepted:

@ Fang Fang: ugliness is ugly, but it doesn’t matter. As long as the baby is healthy, what is the score of pregnancy?

Lily: My clothes are hidden, nobody can see them, and my husband doesn’t dislike them. What should I worry about?

@ Qiqi: baby is a great thing. Stretch marks are the best marks.

Crazy Tucao Pie:

Junjun: Why is God so unfair, so hard to get pregnant, so dangerous to have a baby, and to let a woman have this damn stretch marks? Why don’t men bear anything?

Wen’er: Well, the stretch marks are so ugly that I can’t wear my waist-length skirt. I dare not wear a bikini when I go to the beach.

@ sunny: depressed! Originally still secretly congratulate themselves not long stretch marks, did not expect to be near unloading, but also suddenly grow so much, annoyed! Annoyed! Annoyed!

Although pregnant mothers know that striae of pregnancy in pregnancy is a normal phenomenon, but that striae of pregnancy also let many pregnant mothers care about it. Why do pregnant mothers have stretch marks? How can we prevent and deal with stretch marks?

Two. The formation and development history of stretch marks.

Pregnant is hard enough. Why do you need to have stretch marks? This is an estimate that many pregnant moms will be wondering. In fact, the formation of striae gravidarum is due to the influence of hormones during pregnancy, coupled with abdominal bulge, so that the skin elastic fiber and collagen fiber damage or breakage, abdominal skin thinning and thinning, there are some different width, length of pink or purple wavy patterns.

Striae gravidarum usually appears at the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. Women with dark skin often have white lines, which are lighter than the surrounding skin. The pattern of striae gravidarum development has three stages:

The first stage: early pregnant pink lines will cause skin itching.

The second stage: stretch marks will gradually expand the length and width, and the color will turn red or purple.

Stage 3: Once the stria gravidarum is ripe, it loses its original hue. Within a few months of pregnancy, it will begin to fade, turn pale white or silver, and may appear irregular.

Most pregnant mothers develop stretch marks on the abdomen during pregnancy, but they may also develop stretch marks on their breasts, thighs, hips, and lower back. Stretch marks are most likely to occur in areas where large amounts of fat are stored. As long as there is no striation during pregnancy, how to prevent striation during pregnancy is a topic of great concern to pregnant mothers.

Three. Strategies for dealing with stretch marks at different stages.

Pre pregnancy: prevention of stretch marks

1, a reasonable diet is the key.

Early pregnancy because of changes in the endometrium of pregnant women, placenta hormones, gastrointestinal smooth muscle tension decreased, reduced vitality, resulting in decreased appetite and other phenomena. At this time should eat more meals, easy to digest, light diet, avoid eating greasy and stimulating food.

2. Increase skin elasticity.

Developing proper drinking habits will speed up your skin elasticity plan. After getting up in the morning, can drink a large glass of hot mineral water, it can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, so that the viscera into working state. If you are often troubled by constipation, you may add a little salt to the water.

Drink two glasses of skimmed milk every morning and evening, eat fiber-rich vegetables, fruits and foods rich in vitamin C to increase cell membrane permeability and skin metabolism.

Moderate exercise or light housework can help restore skin elasticity. It has obvious effect on increasing skin elasticity of waist, abdomen, buttocks, breasts and thighs.

During pregnancy, take balanced nutrition and enhance skin elasticity. Eat more foods that are good for the collagen fibers in the skin, help skin elasticity, control sugar intake, and eat less food with high pigment content.

Late pregnancy: prevent stretch marks.

Many pregnant mothers will grow stretch marks, although there are some prevention methods, but also can not completely prevent the arrival of stretch marks. So our main goal is not to stop it from happening, but to stop it from spreading wildly and growing wildly on a large scale.

1, control diet

Dietary nutrition should be balanced, three meals should be regular, eat more vegetables and fruits; Eat meals avoid gorging, eat too fast will not only increase the burden on the stomach, but also not conducive to digestion; high fat, high sugar content of food to eat less, eat less late at night, eat less snacks.

2. Control weight gain.

Weight gain during pregnancy should not exceed 2 kg per month. Weight gain during pregnancy should be controlled at about 15 kg. If the weight of the pregnant mother grows too fast, the skin of the abdomen will become thinner and thinner and easy to produce stretch marks. Pregnant mothers had better bring their own weight scale, after getting up every day to measure the weight, make a curve, the first time to know their weight changes, good control.

3, proper use of abdominal tape.

The use of abdominal brace can not only reduce the weight burden on the abdomen and waist of pregnant mothers, but also slow down the excessive stretching of the skin outward and downward, effectively avoiding the formation of striae gravidarum.

Postpartum: dilute stretch marks.

1, insist on using stretch mark products.

External care products smear, although can not completely solve the stretch marks, but adhere to the use can also play a certain dilution effect. The use of removing stretch marks or essential oils can increase the elasticity and tension of the skin and dilute the stretch marks.

2. Moderate massage.

Massage is a very effective way to cope with stretch marks, not only during pregnancy, postpartum also need to adhere to the massage, in the massage at the same time can use olive oil to maintain skin moisture, so that massage easier to carry out, if you can cooperate with the use of professional prevention of stretch marks massage oil, the effect will be better. Each massage lasts 10-20 minutes, two times a day.

Abdomen: Start from the navel, draw a circle clockwise around the navel, slowly from small to large, massage the abdominal skin.

Breast: From the cleavage, with the finger pulp from bottom to top, from inside to outside gently massage, until push close to the chin, neck.

Thigh: starting from the knees and pushing up from the thighs to the hips.

As long as the pregnancy does not have striae, facing striae, mothers do not panic, as long as there is confidence, there is always a way to deal with. Things are artificial, as long as do a good job in the early prevention work, to control the late pregnancy, to a certain extent, can prevent the crazy growth of striae gravidarum. After delivery, mothers can also take some measures to dilute the stretch marks. With so many coping strategies, there is nothing to be afraid of stretch marks.


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