Last week, I went with my girlfriend to do four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. From the instrument, I saw her baby eating her fingers. Her heart was sprouting. She was happy to see, but she heard the doctor’s joke: “the little guy is hungry. Go to eat after the examination. “My girlfriend was stunned and thought that she didn’t feel hungry. She thought it was a joke that the doctor said casually. After carefully asking the doctor, she knew that even if the pregnant mother didn’t feel hungry, the baby in her stomach would be hungry. So, when the fetus is hungry, what is the general performance?

I. eating fingers and feet

Many mothers go to do four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, because of the empty stomach, so often can see the baby eating fingers, or feet. Some doctors say that this is the performance of the baby hungry, but there is no data to clearly indicate that this is the performance of the baby hungry. However, this also reminds you of a wake-up call, fasting for birth examination, the best quick decision, immediately after finishing to eat something, or in the bag to prepare some snacks, in order to avoid the fetus really hungry.

2. Frequent or too quiet fetal movements

I believe that many pregnant mothers have the same experience. If you stay in bed in the morning, you will feel that Taibao is moving more happily, and you have to eat before you stop. So don’t think it’s the baby who won’t let you sleep, but is telling you that he’s hungry. Therefore, frequent fetal movements are likely to be a sign that the baby is hungry, especially in the morning and at night.

There is also a situation where the mother finds that the baby doesn’t move much, so when she goes to the hospital for fetal supervision, the doctor will suggest that the pregnant mother eat something. If the mother has the energy, the baby can get the energy. So after the mother is pregnant, do not be lazy, three meals to have a regular diet, or the nutrition can not keep up, the baby will remind you through the fierce fetal movement, it is time to eat.

Mother is hungry

When the fetus is in the pregnant mother’s stomach, all the nutrition comes from the pregnant mother. So many mothers will find that their appetite changes greatly after they are pregnant. They often have just had a meal, but then they are hungry again. This is because the mother needs to bear the nutrition of the two, so it is a normal phenomenon that they are hungry faster.

Most of the time, the pregnant mother feels hungry. In fact, the fetus feels hungry. When reminding you to eat, the pregnant mother will eat something when she is hungry. Don’t feel that the frequency of eating is too high and bear it. This will starve the fetus.

Pregnant mothers can usually eat less meals, balanced nutrition, as long as they are not hungry, naturally will not be hungry baby, of course, their own fat pregnant mother, in the diet to adjust, with appropriate exercise. Only in this way can the baby develop better.

Although pregnant mothers need to eat a lot of food, but also can’t eat at will, when eating, need to pay attention to these points.

1. Avoid junk food

Pregnant mother must say no to junk food, because the nutritional value of junk food is not high and can not meet the needs of baby growth and development; second, there is no guarantee of hygiene. At the same time, pregnant women should also give up smoking and alcohol, avoid allergic food and try not to eat raw and cold food. Pregnant mothers may suffer from indigestion, even abdominal pain and diarrhea.

2. Moderate

Although a lot of nutrition is needed during pregnancy, the mother should not overeat, otherwise it will lose control of weight, develop the fetus into a macrosomia, increase the difficulty of delivery, and at the same time, it will be very difficult to recover the body shape after childbirth.

There are no small things during pregnancy, especially the diet during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant mothers should read more books and materials during pregnancy to ensure the healthy and scientific diet.


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