My best friend seldom makes hair in a circle of friends, but after pregnancy, she basks in the sun every day. Her husband cooks and does housework. Her husband accompanies the birth inspection. Her husband buys many nutritious products for herself It’s enviable to see true happiness~

Sure enough, other people’s husbands are not always disappointing. When looking at their husbands, do they feel that they are not qualified at all? Sometimes they even feel that they are eyesore? In fact, during your pregnancy, if your husband has done these things, then he is a qualified husband, and your pregnant mother can have fun secretly.

I. take care of daily life

After pregnancy, if the father-in-law takes care of the mother-in-law’s daily life very carefully and takes the initiative to undertake the housework, the mother-in-law can enjoy the pregnancy life more safely.

In the early stage of pregnancy, the expectant mother is sick of pregnancy and vomiting, so the expectant father can cook a delicious meal carefully; in the middle stage of pregnancy, he can accompany the expectant mother to exercise and relax; in the late stage of pregnancy, the expectant father can also help the expectant mother massage to relieve back pain.

2. Take time to accompany the production inspection

The importance of production inspection will not be discussed. Every time the birth inspection, the mother to be can’t miss out. In fact, the heart of the mother to be is very hope that the father to be accompanied.

Dad to be, if time permits, may as well accompany mom to go to the birth inspection, not only to understand the situation of mom to be and the fetus, but also to help queue up to reduce the burden of mom to be. If there is no time, father to be can ask other relatives and friends to accompany her to the birth examination, which can still show her affection.

Take care of your mood

After pregnancy, due to changes in hormones, expectant mothers can become irritable, paranoid, or sentimental. At this time, if the father-to-be can find the emotional changes of the mother-to-be, and understand the “unreasonable” of the mother-to-be, the mother-to-be’s emotions will be released well, which is good for the mother-to-be to keep the baby at ease.

The mother to be is grumpy. The father to be doesn’t always come home late. Go home early, accompany the mother to be, and do music prenatal education with the mother to be. It can not only calm the mother to be, but also benefit the fetus.

IV. learning about pregnancy and childbirth

From pregnancy to childbirth, it’s not like the expectant mother is struggling alone. If the expectant father can specially read the pregnancy and childbirth books and discuss and share the pregnancy knowledge with the expectant mother, it can increase the confidence of the expectant mother. Secondly, when the expectant mother has an emergency, the expectant father will not be helpless and give the expectant mother the most timely and effective help.

Father to be and mother to be may not have the experience of being a parent. Although the fetus grows and develops in the belly of the mother to be, father to be doesn’t think it’s none of your business. The father to be cares more about the mother to be. The mother to be is happy and comfortable. Naturally, the baby will grow healthily and happily.

In the face of pregnancy to postpartum a series of problems will be very strange, do not think something to go to the hospital. Parents to be can read professional maternity books to mend the knowledge blind spot.

Mom to be, don’t be too picky. Dad to be may be very concerned about you, but I’m sorry to open my mouth. I usually pay more attention to Dad to be, and I’m sure that Dad to be is also paying in silence.


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