What is the experience of spoiling your husband during pregnancy?

If you don’t want fancy dog abuse, just say something that just happened. Usually I wash the dishes after dinner because he doesn’t like it. He’s always washed the dishes since I was pregnant. After asking why several times, I finally said it because I was afraid that washing dishes would hurt my hands. — Gigi

When I went to bed at night, he helped me wash my feet, cut my toenails, massage my body after lying in bed, watched me drink a glass of milk, and then fell asleep with me from behind. – brook

I really don’t want to show off! Since pregnancy, I feel like a life idiot. When I go to work, he still gets up early to make breakfast for me, just to let me sleep a little longer. No matter how unreasonable I make trouble, I will coax patiently and feel like a princess. — Audrey

They all say that women are “princess of a day, spoiled Princess of a month, queen of ten months”. In October of conception, besides the joy of life, of course, they can enjoy the supreme treatment of a family revolving around themselves.

“I am pregnant, I have privileges.”

The following are the most basic “spoiled wife service during pregnancy”. Has the one in your family achieved it?

“Washing, Cutting and Blowing” Service

Washing her feet, cutting her toenails and blowing her hair are called “belly as big as a bamboo groove”. That is to say, the big belly in the third trimester of pregnancy. As the month gets bigger and bigger, the pregnant mother’s belly will be too big to see her feet, which will make it difficult to carry out some things that need to bend down, such as shampooing her head, washing her feet and cutting her toenails.

Seeing and touching, seeing and cutting, getting hands too tired, this really makes pregnant mommy a little depressed.

Good Husband Association prepares a basin of hot water every day to help you soak your feet comfortably, dry them, trim your toenails regularly, and dry your hair every time. It not only solves the problem that the wife can’t bend down, but also promotes the harmony between husband and wife.

Massage service

For many people, massage is the icing on the cake, but for pregnant mothers, massage is the charcoal in the snow.

Most pregnant mothers suffer from back pain during pregnancy, which usually occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy, and the feeling really makes the whole person feel bad…

Pregnancy is not only a woman’s business, the husband often helps rub, give enough care and care, this psychological warmth and love is also a huge force.

Good husbands will find time to massage their hard-working wives after work every day to soothe their sensitive hearts during pregnancy and relieve their tired and heavy bodies.

Accompanying Sleep Service

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby in the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, accompanied by various inconveniences, seemingly simple movements will become difficult.

Especially sleeping at night, turning over becomes more and more difficult: either the body passes first, then the stomach moves over; or the stomach passes first, then the body follows over; or even simply can’t turn over… ___________

At this time, if there is a husband who only cares about his own sleeping, and knows nothing about his difficulties, the mood is imaginable.

So, the Good Husband Association:

Before going to bed, help your wife find a comfortable sleeping position.

2. In sleep, as long as the wife has a change, she will wake up in time to help.

3. When you get up, remember to help your wife out of bed.

Housekeeping services

Although proper exercise during pregnancy is good for production and sweeping the floor is not a heavy job, we should also pay attention to the prohibition of heavy work.

Because of the protruding abdomen, it is very difficult to bend down. For those jobs that have pressure on the abdomen, such as bending down to lift weights, taking things from high places, cleaning doors and windows, mothers should not succeed.

Good husbands will turn into smallest housekeepers, dirty work can not allow pregnant mothers to participate in, will do all the logistical support within their capabilities, so that the wife has a happy pregnancy.

As a good husband, you should not only have the determination to become a pregnancy expert (to answer your wife’s questions in time), but also the confidence to be lonely (you know!). Also, we should be able to work hard and complain with the mental preparation of making cattle and horses! (Necessary!)

It’s hard to be a husband, but even harder to be a father! But when two people are pregnant, it’s the responsibility of being a husband and a father.

So… Is your family satisfied? Let’s talk in the message area.


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