After pregnancy, the body will appear a series of changes, constipation is a more common situation in the late pregnancy. Almost every pregnant mother has trouble with constipation when she is pregnant. It really makes pregnant mothers headache and tired.

In fact, pregnancy constipation is very normal, there are 90% of pregnant mothers may be constipated, enlarged uterus pressure rectum will cause constipation, coupled with a large number of progesterone in the body, so that gastrointestinal smooth muscle tension is reduced and relaxed, peristalsis is weakened, and less activity during pregnancy, so more prone to abdominal distension and constipation. Especially at 10 months of pregnancy, bowel distension often occurs, resulting in poor bowel movement and constipation due to the weakening of bowel muscles by the descending fetal head.

In normal life, how should pregnant mothers adjust constipation during pregnancy?

Pregnant constipation conditioning should pay attention to the following four steps:

1. Increase your body’s moisture.

Water is an important part of the human body, drinking more water is conducive to blood circulation, promote metabolism, drinking water at a fixed time every day, to drink a large mouth but not binge drinking, so that water reaches the colon as soon as possible, not quickly absorbed by the intestine into the blood. In this way, the feces become soft and easy to discharge. Therefore, we must drink more water during pregnancy. Even if we go out to play, we need to replenish water in time.

2, a reasonable diet, eat less greasy, fat meat or soup.

Pregnancy due to the need for a lot of nutrition, often eat very abundant, such as spareribs, pig’s hoof soup and so on, eat too much will lead to constipation, so when the mother constipation to eat less of this kind of food. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in crude fiber, such as bananas, apples, pears, grapes, spinach, amaranth, cucumbers and kelp.

3, exercise and rest.

In the normal life of pregnant women, moderate exercise can enhance the contractility of pregnant women’s abdominal muscles, promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent or reduce constipation. Therefore, when pregnant women are getting heavier and heavier, they should also do some physical exercises, such as walking, to increase bowel motility, if conditions permit. But we should pay attention to avoiding standing and sitting for a long time.

Of course, travel remember to be accompanied by family members, wearing comfortable shoes and clothes, you can also often do some peristaltic abdominal massage, gently rubbing the abdomen with the hand, pushing the stool down. During pregnancy, a good quality of sleep is also the primary guarantee for ease of worry.

4, fixed defecation time, keep good mood.

Maintain regular bowel habits. Every morning and every meal is the easiest thing to do. Therefore, after getting up, drink a cup of cold boiled water or honey water on an empty stomach first, then eat breakfast, promote the upright reflex and gastrointestinal reflex after getting up. In this way, it will soon produce a sense of convenience, and long-term adherence will form a good habit of defecation in the morning. When pregnant mothers have a sense of defecation, they need to go to the toilet. Pregnant mothers should also maintain a good mood during pregnancy, not too anxious, proper understanding of pregnancy-related knowledge, alleviate mood, to know that anxiety is more likely to cause constipation.


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