Welcome to Happy Gucci Mother’s School. Here, you will learn a compulsory course for novice mothers jointly created by top experts in the field of childcare. You will master the methods to solve the baby’s nutrition, sleep, common diseases, early childhood education enlightenment and other childcare problems, and advance to qualified mothers.

Today, I’m going to learn the course of “Preparing for Newborns” by Fan Jianhui, director of Obstetrics and gynecology.

Ordinarily, if there are guests at home, we will arrange the environment in advance, clean up the hygiene, buy the materials to be used, and arrange our appearance in order to show our attention and respect to the guests. Welcome guests are so thoughtful, let alone the baby who is pregnant in October?

In order to welcome the arrival of the baby, many mothers are ready early, and the baby needs to eat, wear, use and sleep the same things. Adequate preparation is certainly good, but it is not recommended to buy blindly, because in the first year of the baby’s birth, there are still a lot of places to spend money, coupled with the mother has six months at home to take care of the baby, the income is reduced, it is even more important to eliminate blind consumption. Take the baby’s clothes for example, prepare 3-4 sets of clothes that are necessary for the season, because some of the relatives and friends will send clothes, there is no need to hoard a pile. If you really want to buy a few more sets, then buy a larger size than the normal size, so that the baby wear more comfortable, and can wear longer, reduce the purchase cost.

The same goes for other items, only those that must be used. In addition to clothes, two towel quilts, two hats, enough diapers and baby wipes are basically enough. In addition, mother has to prepare some underwear, some large night sanitary napkins, a straw cup, some supplementary food, slippers, towels and other daily necessities for herself.

Of course, you can save money, and you should not be stingy. If spending more money can bring a safer and more comfortable experience, it’s worth it. After all, for most mothers, there are at most two births in a lifetime. To spend pregnancy and childbirth safely and comfortably can add to the beautiful journey of pregnancy.

The above is just the most basic material preparation, and not so urgent. It’s all right to start preparations again in the third trimester of pregnancy. On the contrary, physical preparations are more urgent.

It is said that the body is the capital of revolution, and childbirth is a revolution totally depending on the output of strength. If the strength is not enough, the longer the delivery will last, which is also a kind of suffering for the mother. Therefore, before giving birth, we should eat some high-energy foods, such as chocolate, nuts, whole milk and so on, to ensure energy supply. In addition, maintaining a proper amount of exercise can help enhance physical strength, so after half an hour of meals every day, you might as well go for a walk, but a little faster, a little sweating, this amount of exercise walking, will be helpful for childbirth.

It’s important to note that some mothers don’t know where to get the news and even think that climbing stairs can help delivery. At present, there is no scientific basis for this statement. It is recommended not to try it easily, because you can not predict the potential harm, and climbing stairs is not a necessary condition to help the delivery. If you have time to climb stairs, you might as well learn Lamaze breathing in advance. Although it can not increase strength, it can at least let your mother know how to adjust breathing, relieve pain and bring your baby to the world in a relatively easy way.

In addition to material preparation and physical preparation, mothers should be prepared psychologically.

First of all, we should be prepared to face the baby’s unpunctuality to “go to an appointment”. For example, TA may have to report in advance before the due date, or it may have passed the due date for a week, and there is still no movement in the stomach. The birth itself is full of uncertainties, and you don’t have a regular alarm clock in your body. It reminds your baby to be born at the right time. Besides, only five of the 100 babies will step on it. Therefore, in order to be less anxious, we should give ourselves psychological precautions in advance.

Secondly, we should have the psychological endurance to face imperfections. When the baby was born, the skin was wrinkled and the eyes were swollen. What do you think, it’s very difficult to associate TA with the words of cuteness, handsome and beautiful. TA may also keep crying, make all kinds of small situations, make your life a mess, is not the imaginary clever little angel. Yes, perfect babies exist only in imagination, and you have a little flawed baby is the reality. Only by accepting TA’s imperfections from the very beginning can you expect TA to grow naturally in the next few decades, instead of requiring TA by perfect standards.

Finally, we should have a firm belief in keeping our baby well. Parents should know that the birth of a baby is only the beginning. To raise a good baby, in addition to trying to create good material living conditions for TA, the more important thing is to give TA enough care and education, so that TA’s personality is sound and independent, integrity and kindness, heart is full and happy, which is the true sense of parenting. And being a parent is a learning that needs to live and learn. Are you ready?

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