In order to improve the development of the fetus in the abdomen, most pregnant mothers will supplement nutrition crazily. If the supplement is excessive, obesity will not be said, but also prone to high cholesterol. There are many reasons for high cholesterol in pregnant women, but dietary habits are absolutely the first. High cholesterol can threaten the health of pregnant women and fetuses. What should we do?

1. These foods can easily lead to high cholesterol in pregnant women.

Pregnancy desperately supplement nutrition, inseparable from large fish and meat, but high protein, high fat, high calorie food is the culprit of excessive cholesterol, fat meat, yolk is the typical “three high” food.

2. The Harm of High Cholesterol in Pregnancy

1. Harm to pregnant women

Excessive cholesterol can cause hyperlipidemia, easily lead to atherosclerosis, leading to coronary heart disease, spleen and kidney disease, etc. Therefore, pregnant women need to control their own blood sugar and lipid, reduce the intake of high-sugar food.

2. Harm to the fetus

If the pregnant woman’s cholesterol is too high, it may increase the possibility of fetal obesity and increase the difficulty of production; it will also increase the possibility of premature delivery, which is not conducive to the physical and intellectual health of the fetus.

3. How to deal with high cholesterol during pregnancy

1. Not suitable for big fish and meat

Pregnant women try their best to supplement their nutrition by eating high-protein and high-calorie foods. Although we need to supplement nutrition during pregnancy, we must pay attention to nutritional balance and meat nutrition. Fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood are rich in protein but low in calories. Pregnant women can eat them reasonably. Do not overnutrition.

2. Eat more roughage

The regulation of nutrients rich in coarse grains on human body is beyond that of fine grains. Eating more coarse grains can improve gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent febrile venereal diseases. It has a good effect on preventing cholesterol elevation, such as corn, yam, sweet potatoes and millet.

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Every time, pregnant women are advised to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and trace elements. Contrary to meat, vegetables are low-sugar, low-salt, low-fat healthy food, which can prevent many diseases.

Fresh fruits have the functions of lowering blood pressure, slowing down aging, losing weight and weight, skin maintenance and so on. They have a good effect on lowering cholesterol. In her spare time, pregnant women can eat some preserved fruit in moderation. However, the nutrient composition of preserved fruits and vegetables is not as good as that of fresh fruits and vegetables, and can not be used as a substitute for fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. Moderate Exercise

Pregnant women should take appropriate exercise during pregnancy, simple yoga, walking after meals and so on, all contribute to intestinal digestion, but also allow the body to better absorb nutrients, thereby speeding up the metabolism of the body cycle, can enhance appetite.


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