Pregnancy edema is a normal phenomenon, the mother to be, to the late pregnancy, suddenly found, feet! Swollen! Now! Once you press the ankle, it will magically bounce back, and the shoe size will also increase by 1-2 yards. It’s very sad and woody!

Edema is not a disease, but no one wants to be a fat and swollen pregnant mother. So, what method can go oedema? Good news to you, foodies. Edema can be eaten back~

▎ reasonable diet and edema

Reasonable diet is very important in pregnancy. The effective way to prevent edema is diet. The following diet should be avoided. Moms should get well to keep you away from edema.

Diuretic ingredients

Some diuretic ingredients can help relieve edema symptoms, such as white gourd, red bean, celery, watercress, etc. But if the mother to be has trouble urinating at the same time, we should pay attention to eat less of this kind of food.

Make up water scientifically and reasonably

Many expectant mothers think that edema is the body water more, so reduce the intake of water, which is wrong. Edema should be drinking water to ensure normal renal function, so that excess water can be effectively discharged through the urinary system. But also be careful not to drink too much. In addition, expectant mothers should try not to drink water for 1-2 hours before going to bed.

Replenish enough protein

Protein is an important element to improve pregnancy edema, especially for the expectant mothers who suffer from pregnancy edema due to malnutrition, they must pay attention to the daily intake of enough protein for the body, and can eat some food materials rich in high-quality protein, such as meat, fish, shrimp, eggs, milk, etc.

Supplement vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals help to improve the body’s function and resistance, promote metabolism in the body, help to discharge toxins and excess water from the body, so as to eliminate or alleviate edema. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. Mothers to be eat a certain amount of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

Eat less indigestible food

Some indigestible foods, such as glutinous rice products, fried foods and starches, such as potatoes and white potatoes, should not be eaten by pregnant mothers with edema. Because these foods are not only difficult to digest, easy to increase the burden on the stomach, but also cause flatulence, affect the return of blood, and aggravate edema. Especially for dinner, don’t eat more such materials.

Eat less high salt food

Too much salt in the mother to be will lead to the aggravation of edema symptoms during pregnancy, so the mother to be should pay attention to not eating too salty food in the daily diet, and try to eat light food as much as possible.

▎ learn! Recommended diet for reducing swelling during pregnancy

The expectant mothers who encounter pregnancy edema should pay more attention to their own diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less foods with high salt content, which helps to reduce swelling.

Part 1. Desquamation with sugar water

Red bean soup

Red bean contains more saponins, which can stimulate the intestinal tract, so it has good diuretic effect, can relieve alcohol, detoxification, and is beneficial to heart disease, kidney disease and edema.

Ingredients to prepare: 50g red beans, 5 dates (dried), 10g Lycium barbarum, 1 ginger, proper amount of brown sugar.

1: wash red beans, soak them for a while, and then wash them again.

2: wash jujube and wolfberry, and rinse them after soaking.

3: slice ginger and put all materials into the stew pot.

4: boiled soup, ready to drink.

Part2. Diet to remove edema

Recipe 1: white gourd and lean meat soup

The winter melon is slightly cold and tastes sweet. It has the functions of clearing away heat and diuresis and eliminating edema. Eating winter melon properly in summer can help pregnant mothers to relieve heat and fever.

Ingredients: 1 piece of winter melon, 450g of pork, 100g of red bean, 4 pieces of dates, a little salt, 1 piece of tangerine peel

1: red beans, dates and tangerine peel shall be washed for future use.

2: cut the lean meat into pieces for use.

3: wash and cut the white gourd, remove the pulp and cut into large pieces.

4: add seven to eight bowls of water to the soup pot and bring to boil. Add the winter melon, lean meat, red beans, dates and tangerine peel.

5: after boiling, heat for 35 minutes, season with salt.

Recipe 2: red bean and cabbage soup

Nutrition analysis: Chinese cabbage and red bean have the functions of drainage, diuresis and detumescence, which can relieve the edema in the middle and late period of pregnancy and postpartum.

Production method:

Ingredients: 50g red beans, 150g Chinese cabbage, 100g pork bone, 1 / 2 teaspoon salt

1: put the red bean into water and soak it for 1 night.

2: wash the cabbage and break it into leaves.

3: wash the pork bones, chop them into pieces, start a pot, put in water, pour in the pork bones, boil them in high heat, remove the blood water for 1-2 minutes. Remove the scalded pig bones and wash away the froth with water.

4: in another soup pot, add pork bone, red beans and cabbage leaves. After boiling over high heat, change to low heat and cook until the red beans and cabbage are soft and rotten.

5: finally, add salt and cook for a while. Put the soup into a bowl.


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