After pregnancy, is your breast also ushered in “secondary development”? Or from small orange to orange, or from orange to coconut, or from coconut to big coconut You may be overjoyed, and of course, a small percentage of pregnant women feel stressed (well, gravity). If the cup upgrade can make you more confident, then other small changes in the breast may make you a little embarrassed.

For example, the color of areola before pregnancy is pink and tender. After pregnancy, the color is so deep that you can’t bear to look directly at it? Breast sensitivity linear rise, a stimulation on the hard, a word does not agree with the swelling pain? Sometimes when you take a bath, you will find some pale yellow “little pearls” on your nipples, and sometimes wet and sticky on your underwear?

Don’t worry, the chest becomes bigger, the nipple is sensitive, the areola turns black, these are the result of the hormone change during pregnancy. And the yellow or golden secretion on your nipple, Congratulations, this is the earliest “colostrum“, which means that your breast is preparing for the baby’s lactation after birth, and is building a qualified “granary”!

▎ colostrum is precious, breast care during pregnancy

You may often hear that colostrum is very precious and precious, more precious than gold. Do you wonder what the power of these yellow secretions, which seem to be low-key and inconspicuous?

The wonderful thing about colostrum is that it is the most suitable ration for your baby. Especially when the baby is just born, your colostrum can adapt to the digestion and absorption of the newborn baby, meet his nutritional needs, promote the development of the baby’s intestinal tract, improve the baby’s immunity, and reduce the occurrence of jaundice – in short, it can not only make him eat full, but also make his immune timely online, so that the baby less Sick, is absolutely you give the baby the most abundant “big meal”.

Colostrum contains a large number of antibodies and proteins, which can protect newborns from the invasion of bacteria and reduce diseases. Among them, there is a guy called “lactoferrin”, which is the main defense protein in colostrum. The content of total colostrum protein is as high as 20%, more than 300mg / L! It can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, care for the baby’s small belly, but also conducive to respiratory health, help baby to establish their own defense system.

Of course, lactoferrin is not alone. When milk is secreted, numerous nutrient rich small balls (milk fat balls) will also be secreted, which brings MFGM milk fat ball membrane and DHA as a strong and powerful combination of good partners for the baby’s resistance. MFGM milk fat ball membrane is a layer of membrane on the surface of the milk ball, which plays an important role in nerve development, helps to protect the brain from high-speed operation, and also helps to improve the baby’s resistance; and we are very familiar with the brain gold DHA is wrapped in the milk ball.

The baby’s body is like the establishment of a high combat effectiveness guard team (lactoferrin, MFGM milk fat ball membrane, DHA), to help the baby prevent infection and enhance immunity, so that the baby can grow up healthily, less sick, and adapt to the new world as soon as possible.

Since colostrum is so precious, should we squeeze it out during pregnancy? How to scientifically deal with those small changes in the breast?

Although some colostrum will be secreted during pregnancy, it will not produce a lot of milk at this time, so it will not squeeze out much, because a lot of milk secretion depends on the baby’s lactation hormone surge to achieve. The colostrum secreted during pregnancy is usually light yellow, the amount can be more or less, pay attention to clean it, if the colostrum forms scab on the nipple, you can use ointment to daub, and then gently wipe with warm water after softening. It is not recommended to touch the nipple frequently during pregnancy, because it may cause unnecessary uterine contraction and bring risks to the fetus and baby!

In addition, in order to increase the size of the breast, you need to choose a new bra, choose the appropriate cup of pregnant women’s bra. Breast pain, you can be under the guidance of the doctor through massage or hot compress to relieve, remember to be gentle Oh!

Warm reminder

Half an hour after delivery is the golden period for opening milk. The baby is born within 30 minutes, is your golden period of opening milk, must remember to carry on the skin “intimate contact” with the baby, let the baby suck your nipple early. Contact, it is best to let the baby naked body close to your chest, let him hear your heartbeat, smell your smell, with this “skin blind date”, open your breast milk era!

If you try all kinds of methods, because of physical reasons do not have enough breast milk, mother should not be too self reproach and worry, according to the doctor’s guidance to add formula powder properly. Milk powder with high lactoferrin content, MFGM milk ball membrane and DHA is more suitable for the natural needs of babies.


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