Looking forward to, looking forward to, many pregnant mothers are about to usher in the long-awaited small life, but, inadvertently looking forward to the hot summer. For the mother-to-be in the third trimester of pregnancy, the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, all kinds of inconvenience, and then encounter the summer high temperature, even toilet has become a hard job. Especially when pregnant mothers go out, or when they are in the workplace, they need extra attention to toilets.

Crouch or sit?

Many pregnant mothers may have seen some “news” about the baby being pulled out of the toilet by a big belly mother. It looks terrible. In fact, generally not to the due date, pregnant mothers do not have to worry about this problem, to understand the matters needing attention to toilet, you can rest assured toilet. But many people will be more entangled. Is it a crouch or a sitting?

It depends on your mother’s habits and feelings. If your family is squatting pit, pregnant mother has been accustomed to such toilet, suddenly change the seat may feel difficult to toilet ah. This feeling is understood by many people who have experienced toilet switching. However, from the overall situation in the third trimester of pregnancy, if there are conditions, pregnant mothers still try to use this way of sitting. After all, it will save more effort and prevent pregnant mothers from squeezing their stomachs.

Attention should be paid to hygiene in sitting and using.

Modern families are generally sitting down, generally speaking, as long as pay attention to the toilet floor to keep dry, non-slip can be. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to straightening up when going to the toilet, so that they do not have to worry about the pressure on the baby, while reducing the pressure on the legs, not easy to numb. However, do not because sitting toilet is more comfortable and not tired, pregnant mothers holding books or mobile phones, tablets, etc., for a long time “occupy” the bathroom. This is not a good habit for ordinary people, it will affect blood circulation, will easily lead to pregnant mothers lumbar acid, but also easy to lead to hemorrhoids. Go to the toilet. Try to “make quick decisions”.

In particular, it should be noted that pregnant mothers during pregnancy muscle resistance decreased, vaginal sugar will increase. This means that pregnant mothers for mold resistance will be weakened, easy to cause mold vaginitis and other problems. Pregnancy can not be used casually, once vaginitis, pregnant mother is really uncomfortable and embarrassed. Therefore, the most important thing for pregnant mothers to sit in the toilet is to eliminate the source of infection. Household toilets must pay attention to regular cleaning and disinfection work, if family members have

It is best not to use the same toilet if vaginitis or prostatic pathogens are involved. Of course, if there are conditions, pregnant mothers have their own special toilet, to avoid cross infection.

Crouching crouch?

If you go out to toilet, in the mall, office and other public places, pregnant mothers had better not use the toilet there. After all, in our impression, the hygienic condition of toilets in public places is really incredible. At that time, pregnant mothers need to know how to crouch well. To some extent, crouch is helpful for pregnant mothers to exercise the muscles of pelvis and feet. More importantly, the squat pit is relatively sanitary, after all, their own farts do not need to be in close contact with the toilet mat, do not worry about hidden bacteria and so on. But, in the third trimester, crouch really tests the physical strength of pregnant mothers. If you want to be safe in the late pregnancy, your pregnant mother needs to know how to squat safely.

First of all, pregnant mothers should be careful not to crouch too deep, even if the squat posture is almost the same. At the same time, the pregnant mother tries to make room for the stomach according to the separate gait of the two feet. In this way, pregnant mothers will squatting down to avoid fetal compression and comfort.

Secondly, crouch can be properly rested. If the pregnant mother may need to squat longer, then squat a little straight after a while to rest, and then continue, you can also adjust the posture appropriately to avoid fatigue.

Thirdly, by means of tools. If the mother is at home squatting in a pit, if the toilet is spacious enough, can be placed in a height suitable chair. In this way, pregnant mothers can borrow some chairs to support them, so that crouch will not be so hard. If you are really squatting, your mother will consider buying a chair. You have one at home or at the office.


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