After pregnancy, there are many taboos for pregnant mothers, which is really a headache. But some things that pregnant mothers have become accustomed to doing, but become minefields during pregnancy, pregnant mothers do not know, therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention.

For example, the following four things, many pregnant mothers may ignore, until the time of maternity examination found that it has a great impact, will add a lot of trouble for pregnancy, and even affect the healthy development of the fetus.

1. Bend over for a long time to do housework

There are pregnant mothers around, just because they don’t pay attention during pregnancy, they often crouch to do housework from the early stage of pregnancy. Results During the maternity examination, the doctor told her to rest for a period of time because the fetal position was too low.

Pregnant women can do housework, but we must pay attention not to excessive, but also pay attention to posture, and pay attention to more rest. Some household chores, such as mopping the floor and washing clothes, need to bend down, force and squeeze the stomach. The housework of carrying heavy things should be avoided as far as possible. The strength of waist and abdomen used for carrying heavy things can easily lead to uterine contraction. Some household chores require more attention to posture, such as household chores that require squatting and wiping.

After doing housework, pay attention to rest. You can raise your feet as much as possible. When you lie on the sofa and rest, you can stretch your legs flat and put a pillow under your legs to alleviate fatigue.

2. Staying up late and having a good rest

During pregnancy, the sleep of pregnant mother is a big challenge, especially near the due date, all kinds of worries piled together can easily affect the quality of sleep. In addition, there are pregnant mothers in order to chase drama, stay up late to play mobile phones, etc., will also affect sleep.

To know that childbirth is a long and torturous process, if the pregnant mother does not have enough strength to deal with it, it will add a lot of obstacles to the process.

Therefore, a pregnant mother must keep herself in good sleep. It’s good to think about something nice before going to bed, or to interact with Tiebao for a while.

3. Uncontrolled diet

A pregnant mother eats by herself and two absorb nutrients. Therefore, nutrition during pregnancy should be guaranteed! But there are also many pregnant mothers who have no taboos, so that the fetal nutrition intake is not enough, or is not conducive to the health of the pregnant mothers themselves.

There are pregnant mothers around, especially like to eat bread, cakes, pizza and other foods after pregnancy, the number of times eaten in a week is particularly high, to the middle and later stages of pregnancy, check the high blood sugar, so that for a long period of time are entangled in the control of blood sugar.

Pregnant mothers should eat a balanced diet during pregnancy, eat less food with high sugar and fat, eat some coarse grain and fiber food appropriately, increase vegetables and fruits, etc.

4. Frequent Interaction with Babies

Touching the belly is the habit of every pregnant mother, which can help the pregnant mother to establish close ties with the fetus. But in the third trimester of pregnancy, it is recommended to do less of this action. Because excessive belly touching during late pregnancy may stimulate uterine contraction, lead to premature delivery, or increase the risk of umbilical cord around the neck.

At this time, pregnant mothers can interact with Tiebao by reading picture books and listening to music of Tiebao. Tiebao likes it very much.

In addition to the above, pregnant mothers also need to avoid emotional fluctuations during pregnancy, when the mother is angry, the baby is deeply “afraid”, which is not conducive to the healthy development of fetal treasures.

Do these things well during pregnancy, the trouble of maternity examination will be less, I hope all pregnant mothers can do it well.


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