Listen to the people around you who have given birth to children say: in addition to the pain, there will be a series of super embarrassing things~

A mom: emmm, because I ate sweet potato the day before yesterday, as a result, when I was raw, I was incontinent. The scene is really indescribable~

Mom B: I’m rather timid. Before I was born, I always tried to learn from my friends, hoping to get some experience. As a result, I went into the delivery room and heard the “howling” of other parturients inside, which directly scared my legs and made me shiver and unstable!

Mom C: I’m the one who loves beauty very much. I’m not willing to cut my hair short. When I was going to have a baby, I tied a ball and took a beautiful selfie. As a result, when the labor comes, I can’t take care of my image and rub my head everywhere. After the birth, the whole person looks really crazy.

When giving birth, you may face the following embarrassments

Embarrassment 1: preparing skin

Skin preparation is to shave off the hair of the lower body. It sounds very embarrassing, right? But it’s a normal thing in the delivery room, because it can facilitate the doctor’s examination, episiotomy, disinfection, wound suture and other work, and also can avoid the baby being infected by bacteria. Therefore, the expectant mother can be generous when preparing skin, and don’t feel shy and embarrassed oh

Embarrassment 2: lying down during childbirth

Some people say that when a woman goes to the delivery bed, she has no dignity, bares her lower body, shouts out loud pain, and is sometimes reprimanded by the midwife. In fact, the mother don’t think so! The baby is from the birth canal, so the mother must be naked when giving birth, so as to facilitate the doctor to observe and make countermeasures.

Embarrassment 3: incontinence

In addition to maternal labor, sometimes there will be indescribable scenes, such as maternal incontinence. This is because the puerpera in the forced delivery, anal muscles also need to cooperate with the fetal decline, as well as give birth canal appropriate strength boost. If the intestinal feces have not been discharged, it will lead to temporary fecal incontinence.

It is suggested that expectant mothers should not eat too much food that is easy to produce gas, such as sweet potatoes and potatoes, a few days before the expected delivery date.

Embarrassment 4: the pain is too much to listen to instructions

When the expectant mother opens 3 fingers, she can enter the delivery room to wait for labor. At this time, the pain gradually increases. Some expectant mothers will feel very uncomfortable, and their brains will be blank. They can’t listen to the midwife’s instructions clearly, and their whole body will tremble and force at random, which is very unfavorable for childbirth.

Before childbirth, expectant mothers can relax and learn about childbirth and Lamaze breathing method. When it comes to childbirth, they can try this breathing method to relieve pain.

Is the above situation embarrassing? It’s embarrassing, but when the pain comes, who can control how embarrassing the situation is? The pregnant mother will probably only think about “why can’t this baby come down, come down quickly and stop tormenting people.”. What’s more, in the eyes of pregnant mothers, what is very embarrassing is the most normal thing in the eyes of doctors and midwives.

Instead of thinking about how embarrassing the birth is, it’s better to learn about childbirth, relieve pain, and better cooperate with the midwife. When you get to the delivery room, don’t be shy, relax, listen to the doctor’s arrangement, and try to give birth to the baby.


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