In the circle of friends to see pregnant women friends drying their feet, beautiful after the photo is like a baby chubby feet. However, this is not the baby’s feet, but the pregnant mother’s feet edema. Many pregnant mothers have experienced edema during pregnancy. When the edema is serious, it’s like a ball full of air. It feels like it’s going to burst at any time. Why is pregnancy prone to edema? How did oedema do? What can eat eliminate oedema during pregnancy?

Causes of edema during pregnancy

1. Poor blood circulation of lower limbs

The most common cause of edema during pregnancy is poor blood circulation. For example, if a pregnant woman sits for a long time or stands for a long time, it will lead to poor blood circulation in her legs, causing edema. Therefore, during pregnancy, the pregnant mother should not stand or sit for a long time. At the same time, she can massage her legs to promote the blood circulation of her legs.

2. Decrease of blood concentration

During pregnancy, the blood volume of pregnant women increased, the plasma content increased significantly, but the red blood cells increased less, and the plasma protein did not increase. In this way, the blood concentration becomes smaller, the blood osmotic pressure decreases, and the water in the blood flows to the tissue cells, which eventually leads to the increase of the water content in the tissue cells and causes edema.

3. Too much water or sodium in the body

Excessive water and sodium content in pregnant women can also lead to or aggravate edema symptoms. Therefore, pregnant mother in pregnancy, diet to light, less salt, reduce the content of sodium in the body, so as to reduce the symptoms of edema.

4. Changes of endocrine system

Edema during pregnancy is closely related to the changes of endocrine system. Pregnant women in pregnancy, the body of estrogen and aldosterone secretion increased, will lead to edema.

Pregnant woman oedema, how to eat can detumescence?

To cope with edema during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less food with high salt content. Want to eliminate edema during pregnancy, start with diet during pregnancy!

1. Eat less salty food

Pregnant women during edema should maintain a light diet, eat less or do not eat salty food, especially salty food.

2. Eat less food that is difficult to digest and easy to flatulence

Pregnant women during edema should eat less indigestible and easily flatulent food, so as not to cause abdominal distension, so that the blood flow is not smooth, aggravating edema. Such as fried glutinous rice cake, sweet potato, onion, potato, etc.

3. Eat more protein rich food

Pregnant women in the diet must ensure adequate protein intake every day. Can eat more meat, fish, shrimp, eggs, milk and other animal food and beans.

4. Eat more vegetables and fruits

Pregnant mothers should eat enough vegetables and fruits every day to supplement the body with vitamins and minerals. This can not only improve resistance, accelerate metabolism, but also detoxify diuresis, alleviate edema. Here, I recommend two fruits and vegetables that are more effective in eliminating edema.

[watermelon]: the flesh of watermelon is juicy and sweet. It is rich in water, fructose, vitamin C, malic acid, amino acids and other nutrients. It has the effects of clearing away heat and toxin, diuresis and detumescence. It can treat edema of pregnant women.

[wax gourd]: wax gourd is rich in carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron and a variety of vitamins. It is rich in water and has the effects of diuresis, detumescence, detoxification, phlegm resolving, spermatogenesis and thirst quenching

In hot summer, you might as well have a bowl of wax gourd and carp soup to relieve summer heat and prevent edema of pregnant women. Here’s how to do it.


White gourd 400 grams, carp 1, ginger, edible oil, salt, pepper amount


1. Peel and seed the wax gourd and cut it into slices; clean the carp and shred the ginger;

2. Heat the oil in a hot pan, add the carp and cook it over low heat. Add shredded ginger and add water. Cook until the soup turns white;

3. Add white gourd slices, salt and pepper and simmer for about 10 minutes.

Don’t worry about the edema of pregnant mother. Eating right can also help you reduce the swelling. Pregnant mothers usually insist on proper exercise, such as more walking. In addition, we should also pay attention to wearing, do not wear too tight, let the blood flow smoothly, so it is not easy to edema.


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