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Today, Guagua Gua recommends 28 weeks + 4 days of pregnancy, which is about “what expectant fathers can do during pregnancy”.

Hello mom to be, today you can have a rest and give the earphone to your husband, because quack has something to say to Dad to be.

Hello dad to be, don’t be surprised, although we seldom chat, but quack has a certain understanding of you. Quack knows that, as the financial pillar of your family, you must be working hard recently to provide better living conditions for your mother to be and baby to be born. It’s a must and a responsibility for you to support you, but it won’t give you “little red flower”. Because your role is not only a husband, but also a father to be. It’s not enough to be a husband. You have to get full marks in the role of a father to be.

How to be a father to be with full marks? I think you should do well in at least two aspects.

On the one hand, we can do what we can physiologically. Gua Gua knows that you are tired from working every day, and sometimes you may work overtime. When you get home, you hope your wife has warmed up the meal, boiled the bath water, and prepared your clothes. You just need to open your mouth to eat and move your body. But actually, you should have done it for her. Think about it, now she, with your love crystallization, suffered a lot of physical sin, it is time to need your help. You can’t be with her all the time. It’s not too much to do what you can for her. For example, taking the initiative to share some housework, massage her body, accompany her to do birth examination, and take a walk with her when she is free are all small things you can do, but for her, they are big things full of happiness.

On the other hand, we have full psychological support. Now she may be more vulnerable and have a lot of troubles that she wants to talk to you. Although those troubles are “big things for sesame and mung bean” in your opinion, you should not think that she is a glass heart. Because of the influence of hormones during pregnancy, her psychology will indeed change, which is normal. So, all you have to do is listen to her quietly, and when she’s finished, give her some appropriate suggestions to ease her anxiety. Of course, it is very important that if you find her complaining about her figure, you should give her some praise in time to let her know that pregnancy has made her more attractive, which can help her recover her lost self-confidence and sense of security.

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