Although pregnant in October, the protagonist is always the mother and the baby, but the father’s care is not! Yes! Or! Lack! Yes.

You can’t replace her pregnancy, can’t replace her to give birth, you can’t even imagine what kind of experience, what kind of hardship She is alone, bit by bit slowly out, step by step to come out

You can’t replace them. Then accompany her well!

Say a warm word, share a little bit of the matter. Let her not so pain, so depressed, so depressed, she can see in the eyes, remember in the heart.

The following with the question to review, to see whether the husband’s performance before delivery is qualified?

In addition, the mother who is about to give birth can also have a look, and transfer the husband’s full score performance strategy attached below to the big stupid husband at home to learn.

1. Due date is coming. Does your husband care about you?

Full score performance:

Actively and fully understand childbirth knowledge, help to practice breathing skills together;

Do a good job in logistics work, contact the hospital, study the route, and even take the initiative to pack the waiting bags and production items.

Pay attention to your body changes anytime, anywhere. Once he found abnormal phenomena, such as water burst and other conditions, he knew to send you to hospital immediately for labor.

2. When you are in hospital waiting for labor, does your husband accompany you?

Full score performance:

Accompany you, go through the admission procedures for you, and help you relax, such as watching TV with you, walking or holding you in bed for a while.

He will temporarily put aside even the most urgent work on hand, put aside the household chores, and concentrate on accompanying you through the difficult labor time.

3. Labor begins! What’s your husband doing?!

Full score performance:

1. When you have pain, hold you, help wipe sweat, give you advice, encouragement and praise;

2. Massage your back, feet and shoulders, which can reduce the discomfort of pain and help you to relax your tense mood;

3. Prepare a glass of water for you every few hours;

4. Remind you to urinate every 2 hours;

5. Remind you of the labor aids you practice during pregnancy and take deep breaths with you.

4. In the delivery room! Where’s your husband?!

Full score performance:

Waiting outside the delivery room

When you come out of the operating room, the first thing you see is that he is asking for help, not the first time to see the child.

Accompanied in the delivery room

1. Be honest and honest. You should stay by your side, don’t walk around, follow the doctor’s instructions, and don’t join in blindly;

2. Do not read fragmentary, hold your hand tightly;

3. When the doctor asks you to exert force, he doesn’t interfere with you, let alone shout refueling to destroy the rhythm;

4. Help you wipe sweat and respond to your needs and questions;

5. According to the requirements of the nurse, he prepared the things needed after the baby was born, so as to avoid worries.

Expectant fathers, pregnancy period, hard and long, do not let the pregnant mother alone to bear. Company is the longest confession.


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