My colleague Xiao Su has not been sleeping well recently. She looks at the big black circles under her eyes and asks the reason why. She tells me helplessly that it is because she has to get up and urinate every night.

It is believed that many treasure mothers have experienced this kind of experience, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, which is more serious, not only at night, but also during the day, seriously affecting life. If expectant mothers encounter these situations, it is likely that frequent urination, how to deal with it?

How many times a day do expectant mothers urinate?

Normal adults: average urination 4-6 times a day and 0-2 times a night.

Mother-to-be: On average, she urinates more than 7 times during the day and more than 2 times at night, and the interval between urination is less than 2 hours, even if she urinates more frequently.

Why do expectant mothers urinate frequently?

(1) After pregnancy, the uterus grows up gradually, causing pressure on the bladder.

(2) Increased blood volume after pregnancy can lead to extra fluid entering the bladder after kidney processing, which increases urine volume, leading to frequent urination of expectant mothers.

If the expectant mother does not urinate urgently, painfully, fever, low back pain and other phenomena, and the urine color is normal, not turbid, and there is no hematuria phenomenon, even if the normal frequency of urination, do not worry.

If the expectant mother is accompanied by urinary urgency, urinary pain, fever, low back pain and other phenomena, always feel that the urine is not clean, or although she has a strong feeling of want to urinate, but only a few drops can be urinated at a time, this phenomenon may be urinary tract infection, need to go to the hospital, timely treatment, generally no impact on the baby, do not worry too much.

_Do this during pregnancy

Although the above-mentioned situation is normal and usually disappears after a few days of childbirth, frequent urination can seriously affect the sleep of pregnant women. By the third trimester of pregnancy, the frequency of urination will be more serious, which will bring great inconvenience to life. Especially when you get up and run the toilet in the evening, how can the quality of sleep be good? So, what can we do to cope with frequent urination?

Periodic Labor Inspection

During pregnancy, we should go to the hospital regularly for routine urine examination. We should deal with the problem of frequent urination during pregnancy and reduce the trouble caused by frequent urination on the advice of doctors.

Control of drinking water

For mothers-to-be who wake up many times during the night, you should try to avoid drinking too much water before going to bed, so as to reduce the amount of urine at night. But remember to drink enough water during the day oh, every day should drink 8-12 cups of water, each cup of about 225ml, beware of water shortage.

Eat less diuretic food

Some diuretic foods, such as watermelon, Poria cocos, winter melon, kelp, corn whiskers, etc., should not be eaten too much by expectant mothers, which can also alleviate the symptoms of frequent urination.

Do not hold your urine

Don’t suffocate! Don’t suffocate! Don’t suffocate! If you want to urinate, empty your urine in time. Because the bladder has a certain degree of stretchability, usually very small, when more and more urine is stretched. If the bladder does not urinate in time for a long time, it will lose its elasticity and make the bladder unable to return to its original state.

Attention to hygiene of vulva

Attention should be paid to the hygiene of vulva during pregnancy. Especially in summer, you can wash the vulva with clean water after each toilet, keep it clean, change underwear in time, and choose pure cotton underwear.

Avoid supine position

The supine position exerts pressure on the ureter to a certain extent, resulting in frequent urination. Therefore, it is suggested that expectant mothers should adopt lateral sleeping position to prevent and treat infection caused by urine accumulation in the pelvis and ureter.

Do anal contraction

Anus contraction exercises can train pelvic floor muscle tension and help control urination. It’s easy to do, lying on your back in bed, bending your knees, contracting pelvic floor muscles, just like the usual movement of holding urine in the middle, contracting for 10 seconds and relaxing for 10 seconds, so repeat it many times.


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