Everyone knows that early pregnancy is painful, and late pregnancy has all kinds of pain, so that you like ants on the hot pot, restless, restless sleep. Constipation, stomach burning, abdominal pain, low back pain, every kind of uncomfortable will make you feel helpless. Can it only be so difficult in the late pregnancy? No, of course not! Although the late pregnancy of these four afflictions, it is difficult to completely remove, but there are still some ways to help pregnant mothers alleviate yo! Next, let me introduce you to the third trimester.

One, constipation

Many pregnant mothers in pregnancy will appear constipation, and long-term defecation is not easy to form hemorrhoids, which will affect the physical and mental health of pregnant mothers. By late pregnancy, the fetus of gastrointestinal tract pressure will be more obvious, will cause slower gastrointestinal peristalsis, plus bed rest more, less exercise, more prone to constipation. However, constipation can be prevented. Pregnant mothers need not worry too much. During pregnancy, the best way to improve constipation is to start from life instead of using drugs.

First of all, in terms of diet, three meals a day should be regular. Especially breakfast must eat, it is best to eat more fiber food, such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, milk, but also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, as far as possible to eat less spicy and other stimulating foods, drink less carbonated drinks.

Secondly, add more water. Drinking too little water can cause dry stool and constipation, not conducive to excretion of stool, it will make constipation worse. Replenish water is an effective way to relieve constipation. Drink at least 1000 milliliters of water a day.

Finally, don’t be patient. Pregnant mothers have to go to the toilet to defecate, because the stool accumulated in the body for a long time, not only cause defecation is not easy, but also affect appetite. It is recommended that pregnant mothers with constipation problems drink a cup of cold water or milk every morning after getting up to stimulate large intestine peristalsis, which is a good way to help defecate.

Two, stomach burning pain

In the third trimester, pregnant mothers have a better appetite and no longer have to suffer from the early pregnancy reaction. But some pregnant mothers feel burning in their stomach after every meal. Sometimes the burning sensation becomes more severe and becomes burning pain. Especially at night, the heartburn is very uncomfortable and even makes people difficult to sleep. This heartburn usually occurs at the later stage of pregnancy and disappears after childbirth.

There are a series of physiological changes in the whole body of pregnant women. For example, during pregnancy, the muscle peristalsis of digestive organs slows down, which often makes people feel sick. Some pregnant mothers are unable to cope with persistent pantothenic acid and heartburn. Tracing back to the origin, it was originally caused by pregnancy stomach retrograde peristalsis, resulting in gastric acid content reflux to the esophagus and oral cavity, stimulating the mucosa caused burning pain.

High-fat foods, sweets, heavy-flavored foods, greasy or spicy foods can increase the burden on the stomach, so pregnant mothers should avoid eating in their daily diet, and be careful not to eat too full. Pregnant mothers are advised to eat less and eat more, eat more fruits and vegetables, and reduce the burning pain of the stomach. Besides, drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed is also a good result.

It is worth mentioning that, without the consent of the doctor, do not take all kinds of stomach medicine.

Three, abdominal pain

As the fetus continues to grow, the burden on the abdomen and the whole body of pregnant mothers is gradually increasing. The incidence of abdominal pain near childbirth increased significantly compared with the second trimester. Generally speaking, abdominal pain can be divided into physiological abdominal pain and pathological abdominal pain.

The enlarged uterus stimulates the lower edge of the ribs, resulting in dull pain in the ribs of the pregnant mother. This pain is generally physiological and does not require special treatment. The left lateral position is conducive to pain relief. In the third trimester of pregnancy, when pregnant mothers rest at night, sometimes because of false uterine contraction and lower abdominal pain, usually lasting only a few seconds, intermittent time as long as several hours, without falling feeling, daytime symptoms can be relieved, which is also a physiological abdominal pain, do not worry.

Pathological abdominal pain such as placental abruption, this situation occurs in late pregnancy, pregnant mothers may have pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, chronic hypertension, abdominal trauma. Lower abdominal tearing pain is a typical symptom with vaginal bleeding. Therefore, in the third trimester, when pregnant women have high blood pressure or abdominal trauma, they should go to the hospital in time.

If a pregnant mother suddenly feels persistent abdominal pain or uterine contraction for a longer period of time, special attention should be paid to this, which may be premature delivery or uterine rupture, to timely hospital treatment.

Four, low back pain

In the third trimester, some pregnant mothers often feel low back pain. This is because as the gestational age increases, the uterus is also enlarged, and the uterus is enlarged forward, forcing the pregnant mother to stand up. In order to maintain balance, pregnant mothers stand and walk with their heads and shoulders backwards, abdomen protruding, upper back, legs apart, which makes the back and waist muscles often tense. Pregnancy spinal, osteoarthrotic ligament relaxation, increased uterine compression of the lumbar dorsal nerve, will also cause back pain.

How should mother’s back pain be dealt with? First of all, pregnant mothers should pay attention to pregnancy examination, early pregnancy should adhere to walking and other sports, appropriate physical exercise, but also do some leg stretching exercises, enhance the flexibility of the waist and back.

Pregnant mothers who maintain a certain posture for a long time or have a cold in the back may aggravate the pain in the back. Pregnant mothers can take some relatively comfortable posture, so that the back muscle relaxation, such as half lying, legs stand a little higher, so that blood flow back comfortable, to reduce lower limb edema. At the same time, we should pay attention to keeping warm, sleeping on a hard mattress, walking in light low-heeled soft shoes, but also for local massage.

Early pregnancy and the second trimester have gone through, the third trimester is going through, not far from childbirth, soon to see the baby’s lovely appearance, the baby will be like father or like mother? Thinking of these, does the mother feel that all kinds of affliction in late pregnancy are not so painful? In addition to some of the above small methods, the mentality is also important, pregnant mothers always keep optimistic, cheerful, positive attitude, late pregnancy will not be amplified all kinds of suffering, pregnant mothers will feel more relaxed.


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