It’s coming to the mosquitoes season again, and we are starting to fight against mosquitoes again. Mosquito repellent incense, toilet water, mosquito traps, mosquito nets, mosquito traps… Many mosquito repellent products, which is the best choice? Which kind of mosquito repellent effect is good? No, No, No, pregnant mummy, mosquito repellent products should be carefully chosen. Some anti-mosquito products contain unfavorable ingredients for pregnant mothers, but also on pregnant mothers in the stomach of the small baby caused by the impact, can not be used willfully oh. So, how does pregnant Mommy prevent mosquitoes in summer?

First, pregnant women to prevent mosquitoes, use these products cautiously.

1, dish mosquito repellent incense

Although there are many mosquito incense on the market at present in the promotion of “smokeless and odorless”, mosquito killing invisible, people mistakenly believe that these mosquito incense are safe. However, most of the disc mosquito incense did not indicate the effective ingredients, some mosquito incense added aromatic agent, can produce asphyxiation effect on mosquitoes. Generally speaking, disc mosquito repellent incense is not suitable for use during pregnancy.

2, essential oils

After being bitten by a mosquito, you may be accustomed to rubbing it with wind oil to stop itching. This is because the ingredients contained in essential oils are also harmful to the health of pregnant women. In some of the instructions on the use of wind oil, you will find that it says “Pregnant women and children under the age of three careful use” so, you should be careful with the use of wind oil mother Oh.

3, Hua Lushui

Toilet water is very common in summer. People like to use it to prevent mosquitoes and mosquitoes. It is convenient and easy to use. But it is easy to be ignored that the general dew contains about 70% alcohol, some dew also contains musk and other components, may cause uterine contraction, abortion. In some brands of flower dew instructions, marked “pregnant women cautious” words, pregnant mothers can see clearly.

Two. Pregnant women can use these products to prevent mosquitoes.

1. Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets use physical isolation to avoid mosquitoes, which are innocuous and harmless. Guangdong is hot early, mosquitoes come earlier, and thought of other ways of killing mosquitoes (trouble with mosquito nets), but every night listening to the noise of mosquitoes flying in the ear, and then occasionally sucking away your blood, how can you sleep well? At this time, only bed nets can make people sleep more smoothly. There are a variety of mosquito nets on the market, which are not troublesome to use, and there are many beautiful styles, but also add a touch of warmth and romance.

However, after all, bed nets only play a role in sleeping nets. When you are at home, you need to combine other anti mosquito measures.

2. Mosquito traps

The mosquito trap lamp uses mosquito phototaxis to induce mosquitoes to throw themselves into the net and burn the mosquitoes instantly by high voltage. The mosquito trap should be placed above the knee and should not exceed 180cm on the ground. When using mosquito traps, other indoor light sources should be switched off so as not to affect the mosquito catching effect. But this method of mosquito control is more passive, if the mosquito did not get into the mosquito trap lamp, you can not take it.

3. Electric mosquito swatter.

The greatest advantage of electric mosquito swatters is that they do not produce chemicals harmful to pregnant women. It’s safe and effective to use electricity to form a grid that hits mosquitoes and burns them to death. In the process of killing mosquitoes, prospective parents can find mosquitoes and kill mosquitoes together, which is also a good indoor sport.

4. Special mosquito repellent for pregnant women.

General pregnant women exclusive mosquito repellent water contains natural plant ingredients, mild and non-stimulating, more suitable for pregnant women to use. But just because it is mild, when dealing with non-mild mosquitoes, the lethality is relatively weak, mosquito control effect is not satisfactory.

Three, pregnant women anti mosquito, try these coup.

A group of small partners stay together. Why do mosquitoes sometimes bite you? Are you particularly fond of mosquitoes? Then make some changes so that mosquitoes no longer love you!

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene.

Pregnant women sweat more, frequent bathing can reduce the body secretion of sweat, mosquitoes are not easy to follow the taste to find delicious food. Of course, you can also properly spray the neck, cuffs and other places for pregnant women special dew, which can also prevent mosquito bites.

2. Walk as far as possible without going to the grasslands.

Pregnant women have a higher body temperature and are more likely to attract mosquitoes. If you walk where there are more mosquitoes, the mosquitoes will attack you first. When pregnant women go out for a walk or walk, try not to go to places with lots of grass and dim light, but to places with good light and good ventilation, such as the square. There are relatively few mosquitoes in the spacious environment.

3, don’t wear dark clothes.

Mosquitoes like dark colors. If you often wear dark colors like black, dark blue and brown, don’t blame the mosquitoes for looking for you. To avoid mosquitoes, you might as well wear light colors, such as yellow or white linen or cotton.

Pregnant women are said to be hypocritical, but that is not for the sake of baby in the stomach, hypocritical and why not? Pregnant mother to prevent mosquitoes in summer, health and mosquito repellent, and mosquito repellent products should be used with caution. But don’t worry too much about all mosquito repellent products. You know, mosquitoes can also spread some diseases, not just if you give them a bite.


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