Compared with caesarean section, the mother needs to endure more intense pain. However, due to the benefits of natural childbirth, such as the mother's body recovery will be faster, the baby through the birth canal squeezed to exercise a strong body, laid the foundation for future health. More and more expectant mothers believe that it is a happy thing to be able to give birth naturally.

If you want to go smoothly in the process of delivery, and alleviate the pain, pregnant mothers need to do the following five points during pregnancy.

1, on time to check the production

The birth check is very important for every pregnant mother. On-time check-up can let the doctor know the physical condition of the pregnant mother and the development of the baby. If a problem is found, the doctor can formulate treatment measures as early as possible to ensure the health of the mother and child and make the delivery smooth.

2, to ensure adequate sleep

Near childbirth, pregnant mothers are inevitably nervous, and more pregnant mothers are nervous to insomnia. At this time, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do not stay up all night to ensure adequate sleep, in order to provide good energy and physical strength for the delivery.

3, adhere to the pregnancy movement

Pregnancy exercise should be carried out under professional guidance, such as yoga, swimming, etc. are good choices. In addition, pregnant mothers can often take a walk, climb the stairs with family members, not only can control weight, but also increase the tension and elasticity of abdominal muscles, back muscles and pelvic muscles, so that muscles can be relaxed during childbirth. Reduce the resistance of the birth canal.

4, proper weight control

Pregnant mothers don't take "one person to eat two people" as an excuse for eating and drinking during pregnancy, otherwise the weight gain will be too fast, the fetus will be too large, and the birth will become more difficult.

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother's diet should be reasonably matched to avoid overeating. Usually, you can eat small snacks, eat less and eat more meals, and exercise properly.

5, keep a good mood

The tight mood after pregnancy is not conducive to the healthy development of the baby, and is not conducive to the health of the pregnant mother. It is recommended that pregnant mothers learn to adjust their minds and share them with others. They can also add some maternity knowledge to themselves and eliminate anxiety.

Whether or not to give birth, of course, we must listen to the doctor's advice. If the pregnant mother's physical condition is not suitable for delivery, don't be reluctant, and always take the health of himself and the baby first.


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