When you enter the third trimester, where does your mood change to?

“The thought is soon to see the baby, often a person moved to tears”? Or “days, finally fast discharge, bitterness was finally coming to an end?

No matter how, want to have in the last days of pregnancy is easy and safe, this kind of practical considerations and peace of mind to help mothers!

Adequate protein, supplementing qi and nourishing blood should be parallel.

It’s amazing how much pregnant women eat when they’re seven or eight months pregnant. It doesn’t matter if they’re hungry before they get pregnant, but the idea that the baby in the belly is starving with herself now disintegrates in minutes. So at her mother’s request is: pay attention to balanced nutrition, the intake of protein, such as fish, seafood and the high protein and low fat food may be appropriate to eat enough protein to help the baby healthy and clever. While replenishing qi and nourishing soup, such as homemade chicken soup pumpkin yogurt red dates, etc., can also provide adequate nutrition for late pregnant mothers, let mother quickly adjust themselves to meet the arrival of new life.

Maintain correct sitting posture.

In order to ensure the healthy growth of children and maintain their own health, pregnancy should pay special attention to keeping correct walking and sitting posture, such as:

Usually when walking, should rise, back straight, straight neck, tighten the buttocks, maintain body balance, walk steadily;

It is best to choose straight chairs instead of low ones. Sit down, to keep the back straight, with leg muscles support the body to sit down, let the back and buttocks can comfortably sit back and feet flat on the floor.

The sleeping position on the left lying position is suitable.

In late pregnancy, with the growth of the fetus, the sleeping position of pregnant women is becoming more and more important.

In order to make better fetal and maternal gas and material exchange, access to oxygen, nutrients, carbon dioxide emissions and waste, recommended for pregnant women to take the left supine sleeping position.

Pay attention to physical changes.

When mother entered the last month of pregnancy, will at any time may have pain or break the amniotic fluid situation, therefore, should try to avoid going out alone, or in a long time. In addition, to maintain adequate sleep time, sleep at least 8~9 hours every night, if possible, to one hour nap at noon. If there are signs of labor such as broken water or bleeding, no bathing can be done.

In fact, when children are still in the mother’s belly, began to lay the foundation of health, they constantly absorb nutrients in the mother from the umbilical cord. Therefore, pregnant mother not only to eat, but in different stages of fetal growth of the baby born needs nutrition, nutritional supplement food of high quality. So, the first baby of the key growth stage, mothers to give a balanced, comprehensive and adequate nutrition and breast care, a solid foundation for a healthy life can help the baby.


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