Long 10 months, say long not long, say short is not short. During this period, happiness and suffering coexist, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Two days ago, Xiaoli, a friend of eight months’ pregnancy, said: “on the weekend, I woke up because of foot cramps.” Xiao Li said, “I often have leg cramps recently, which is very painful. How long should this time last? Is this a lack of calcium in the body?”

Leg cramps during pregnancy is really a “good partner” of every pregnant mother. She especially likes to visit when she is sleeping. She doesn’t care whether she wants it or not.

It was not easy to fall asleep. As a result, I was awakened by a cramp in the middle of the night, and I had no sleep at all. What’s more, sometimes I have to cramp several times a night, struggling to endure until dawn, and finally stretch my legs and cramp again!

· the vast majority of pregnant women have cramps in the third trimester because:

1. The weight of the fetus puts more and more pressure on the leg muscles;

2. The fetus may also oppress some nerves;

3. There are also hormones.

How can I relieve the cramp of pregnant mother?

There are many reasons for pregnant mother’s cramps in the middle of the night, such as diet, sleeping posture, calcium deficiency, fatigue and so on. Therefore, to prevent and alleviate, we can start from these aspects.

Scientific supplement of calcium

It is necessary to supplement calcium during pregnancy, but it can not be done blindly. It is better to supplement calcium scientifically and reasonably under the guidance of doctors, so as to avoid cramps and benefit fetal development.

Early pregnancy can be appropriate to drink maternal milk powder calcium, also can take calcium tablets under the guidance of doctors. If the pregnant mother leg cramp is particularly serious, then should go to the hospital for comprehensive examination.

Pay attention to sleeping posture

To the third trimester of pregnancy, the gradual enlargement of the uterus, will slowly compress the maternal lower extremity veins, resulting in slower blood circulation in the legs, and also easy to cause cramps. In addition, if the pregnant mother maintains a posture for a long time, the legs are also prone to cramps. It is suggested that the pregnant mother should put a pillow on her feet when sleeping, which is conducive to blood circulation.

Avoid tiredness

With the continuous development of the fetus, the pregnant mother’s body needs to bear more and more weight. It is easy to cause muscle tension in the legs if they are too active during the day or use their legs excessively. If not relaxed in time, it is easy to lead to cramps. Therefore, it is suggested that pregnant mothers should avoid standing or walking for a long time during the day, and shoes should also be more suitable for pregnant women.

Pay attention to keep warm

Spring from time to time will fall cold, pregnant mother must pay attention to keep warm, prevent catching cold. In addition, the leg is also very important to keep warm, calf muscles are easy to catch cold. When the leg is stimulated by cold, the leg is more likely to have cramps.

What should I do if I have cramps?

A cramp is not a disease. It hurts.

Before you cramp, you have about 1-2 seconds to react. If you feel like you’re going to cramp, you’ll have to raise your ankle, stretch your leg, and massage your muscles to prevent it.

You can also sit down and straighten your knees, tilt the soles of your feet toward your knees, stretch your calves and carefully circle your ankles to relieve the pain of cramps.


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