A long black and beautiful hair is almost every woman’s dream. Although not all girls are suitable for long hair, most of them like long hair floating. For this long hair, how about spending more time washing your hair, and how about spending more money making your hair. After all, people love beauty. But when it comes to pregnancy, it’s OK in the early and middle stages of pregnancy, especially in the late stage. Long hair is annoying. It’s hard to wash your hair without saying anything else!

So, to the expectant mothers in the third trimester, have you had your hair cut?

@ Xiaomei OMI: my hair must be cut. No one knows. Anyway, I cut it. It’s too troublesome for me to have long hair. I also sweat very much after I’m pregnant. In the late stage of pregnancy, I’m clumsy and lazy. I’m not diligent and itchy. It’s nice to cut my short hair. It’s so refreshing. The key is that I have to have my puerperal period after my birth.

@ milk tea Du: I’ve been reluctant to cut it. At first, I asked my husband to help me wash it. Later, I specially made a hairpin for this hair. It’s OK. It’s over. The key is that I don’t look good when I cut my short hair.

So, it’s true that it’s convenient to cut short hair. The key is to look good.

Today, I specially arranged some different face shapes for what kind of short hair, which is convenient for you expectant mothers to refer to.

1) round face

Round face girl’s face line is relatively soft, the edge of the face is not clear, so round face girl is easy to appear double chin this feature! The face also gives people a feeling of flesh and blood. There is also a name for round face called baby face!

Therefore, the round face is more suitable for the lotus leaf Baotou hairstyle with full neck. This short hair adopts the style of partial separation at the bangs. Although the whole hairstyle is messy, it will never lose its charm style. The fluffy shape of the buckle inside also decorates the round chin of the round face girl.

2) long face, inverted triangle face

Girls with these two types of faces tend to have enviable sharp chin, and the proportion of forehead of these two types of girls is generally not too small! So the choice of two-dimensional eyebrow bangs is the most suitable! In the length of short hair, it’s the most ideal position to have your mouth and cheeks together. This French romantic short hair looks very generous and beautiful.

3) heart shaped face

This kind of girl’s face also looks like a perfect arc, heart-shaped face looks very full, and the proportion is well distributed! So the girl with heart-shaped face always gives people the feeling of a goddess. The curve of heart-shaped face is V-shaped from chin to cheek, the position of temple to zygomatic bone is full and expanded, and the proportion of forehead is just good. For the heart-shaped face of the girl to choose this micro volume Bobo short hair is really beautiful.

4) goose egg face and melon seed face

This kind of girl’s face is small and delicate, which is also the face that all girls yearn for. Girls with this kind of face shape can be said to be perfect, so they can boldly choose their own hair style in the choice of short hair. Because of the advantages of face shape, they don’t choose hair style very much.

5) square face, rectangular face

The face lines of girls with square face and rectangular face are relatively strong, and the position from the angle of mandible to the lower part of earlobe is flat and long, so this kind of girls also choose hairstyles that can modify the face lines when choosing short hair. I suggest that girls with square face and rectangular face should not be suitable for too straight and regular short hair. You may try this big C-shaped perm hairstyle. This hairstyle adopts the way of no bangs. The whole style especially shows the small face, which also plays a significant role in the soft line of the face.

Warm tip: do not perm during pregnancy!

Because the chemicals in the hair follicles enter the scalp and are absorbed by the blood, which will affect the development of the fetus. From the perspective of eugenics, the pregnant mother had better give up the idea of perming or dyeing her hair. The key to perm hair is whether the perm solution will be absorbed by pregnant women through the skin and affect the health of the fetus. It is suggested that pregnant women should use curling sticks properly if they need hairstyles.


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