One sheep, two sheep, three sheep… Sleepless again! Pregnant mummy is really hard. Sleeping on a big belly is a burden and often suffers from insomnia. Pregnant mothers do not sleep well, their own bodies will be affected, fetal development is also vulnerable to be affected, pregnancy insomnia is easy to form nausea cycle, really do not know how to do. Thinking of the various hazards of insomnia during pregnancy, pregnant mothers feel more stressed, how can we get rid of the magic spell of insomnia during pregnancy? The 4 way is to help Mommy get rid of insomnia during pregnancy, and watch Mommy.

Pregnant mummy has many dangers of insomnia.

Sleepless people are thousands of millions. It is a painful pain to sleep. The pain is especially severe for pregnant mothers, who bear the responsibility of nurturing their babies and take care of themselves. Insomnia will not only affect the health of pregnant mummy itself, but also bring harm to the baby. According to a network survey, nearly 80% of pregnant mothers do not sleep well at night, and pregnant mothers suffer from insomnia.

First of all, pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy are more restless, often sleepless nights, will affect the growth and development of the baby, the first three months is the baby’s brain formation period. Therefore, pregnant mothers must ensure the quality of sleep, otherwise it will inevitably affect their own resistance, susceptible to some diseases, so it is very likely to indirectly affect the health of the baby.

Secondly, long-term insomnia of pregnant mothers will cause a great burden on their own bodies, insomnia at night, daytime tiredness, reduced food intake, which will indirectly cause the baby can not absorb enough nutrition, making the baby’s small size, development is not perfect, malnutrition.

Finally, the most serious consequences of insomnia in pregnant women are depression, anxiety, self-distrust, stress can not be resolved, these conditions will more or less endanger the health of the baby, serious may also lead to miscarriage. Therefore, family members can help pregnant Mommy relieve stress, and care for and understand pregnant Mommy.

Insufficient sleep and poor sleep quality not only make pregnant mothers mentally ill, but also make “face” problems seriously affected, poor eye skin circulation, resulting in edema and dark circles, affecting the mood of pregnant mothers. How can pregnant mummy get rid of the curse of insomnia during pregnancy?

The 4 way to help mummy get rid of insomnia during pregnancy.

Pregnant Mommy wants to get rid of insomnia.

1. Drink less water at night: because when pregnant, the larger and larger uterus will oppress the bladder, making it easy for pregnant mothers to feel urine when they drink a little water, so pregnant mothers should try to avoid drinking water at night, so as to reduce the number of night toilet, also can improve the quality of sleep of pregnant mothers. In order to ensure the supplement of water, pregnant Mommy can drink more water in the morning or at noon.

2, diet conditioning: pregnant mothers often appear insomnia symptoms, diet should also be more efforts, more calcium, nutrients and vitamins, calcium deficiency will cause pregnant mothers in the evening cramps prone to symptoms, affecting sleep, so in the diet is also very important.

3. Psychological adjustment: many pregnant mothers always have insomnia, are due to psychological factors, worry about the health of the fetus, gender issues, education issues, and so on, worry about too much, it is easy to cause the psychological burden of pregnant mothers increased, resulting in insomnia is also very normal, so for this kind of problem The situation, or through the method of psychological adjustment, what problems can be shared with the husband and family to solve, maintain a relaxed state of mind, in order to have adequate protection of sleep.

4. Adjust the sleeping position: Suggest that the pregnant mother should choose to lie on the left side when sleeping, because this can make the uterus away from the liver, reduce the burden of the viscera, alternate left and right, but also relieve the pressure on the back, when the pregnant mother’s stomach is relatively large, can use the pillow to keep the lateral position of sleep, reduce the pregnant mother from sleeping in the dream. The number of wakes increases the quality of sleep. At this point, the husband may as well be a kind of expectant father, for pregnant mothers to choose a beautiful and easy to use maternal pillow.

Insomnia is not terrible, pregnant mothers do not have psychological hints that they will be insomnia, fear of insomnia. During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are under tremendous physical and psychological pressure, at this time, pregnant mothers to learn to release their own pressure, relaxation, easier to fall asleep.


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