After pregnancy, you may experience various kinds of pain, such as low back pain, chest pain, headache, and common buttock pain.

Xiaoqi is pregnant for more than 8 months. Recently, she has obvious buttock pain. The pain happened suddenly, just when she was walking. Starting from the hip, along the outside of the thigh to the knee, leg, dorsum of the foot, scared Xiaoqi to move, until the pain disappeared.

In the next few days, the phenomenon of buttock pain appeared several times. The pain was radioactive, and sometimes it was continuous dull pain. In serious cases, there would be cramps. Even I didn’t dare to walk too hard, and I couldn’t sit still. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep at night because of the pain.

What’s going on?

It turns out that they are responsible for the pain of buttocks during pregnancy

After pregnancy, buttock pain occurs from time to time, especially in late pregnancy. The main reasons for pain are as follows:

1. Hormone effect

The level of estrogen and relaxin increased significantly during pregnancy. “Muscle and ligament relaxation, whole body joint relaxation, pelvic relaxation”, these conditions are in preparation for delivery, in order to let the child pass through the birth canal more smoothly. But these changes can also cause or aggravate pain in varying degrees.

2. The sciatic nerve is compressed

Some pain will continue to the calf, instep, feel buttocks and thighs pain and numbness, this is because of sciatica, belongs to the normal situation. Because the uterus is obviously enlarged, the head of the fetus has entered the pelvic cavity, causing sciatica caused by mechanical compression of the pelvic sciatic nerve.

3. Temporary osteoporosis

Some pregnant women because of calcium deficiency caused by pain, generally in the supplement of calcium will be relieved.

The buttocks ache badly, skillfully borrows the method to alleviate

Generally speaking, after mothers give birth to their children, they will not feel any pain.

But a pregnant mother said, “I have a lot of pain, and it hurts when I sleep”, “when I feel pain, I will limp when I walk.”. Is there any way to alleviate it?

There is no effective way to eradicate buttock pain. But there are ways to relieve the pain. For example:

1. Adjust sleeping posture

With the increase of gestational age, the frequency of buttock pain will increase, and it may become more and more painful. This time needs to adjust the sleeping position, the most suitable is the lateral position, the left side position is better. When sleeping, you can use pillows to support your stomach, waist, thighs and back, or clip a pillow between your legs, which can effectively relieve pain.

2. Pay attention to rest

Sitting or standing for a long time is easy to aggravate buttock pain. So, in the third trimester of pregnancy, you should have enough rest time, avoid standing or sitting for a long time, don’t always bend down, carry heavy things, when sitting, you need to pad a pillow behind, which can alleviate the buttock pain.

3. Strengthen exercise

Exercise is conducive to health, more conducive to the smooth delivery, but also conducive to ease the phenomenon of late pregnancy buttock pain. Pregnant mothers can do some exercises or yoga, such as general stretching exercise and walking. Swimming can also help expectant mothers reduce the pain of each joint, but it should be carried out under the guidance of professional coaches.

4. Try different relaxation methods

It’s good to take a hot bath or a local hot compress. You can also ask your husband to massage to relieve your fatigue and pain.

The vast majority of pregnant mothers will encounter buttock pain, through the above methods can effectively alleviate. If the pain is severe, please see a doctor immediately for help.


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