By the end of pregnancy, when the baby is born, the mother’s hard work has finally passed half of it. At the same time, in the third trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s stomach is more bulging. No matter sleeping or traveling, it is hard and inconvenient. Especially for the pregnant mother who is about to usher in a new life in summer, she needs to pay more attention to many details of life and make full preparation for childbirth.

How does gestational period sleep hard to do?

Many pregnant mothers feel uncomfortable sleeping at the end of their pregnancy because their stomachs are getting bigger and bigger. Coupled with the high temperature in summer, it is not easy to get a good sleep. What should we do?

One is how to sleep comfortably. It has become a common sense that sleeping on the left side is the best sleeping position for pregnant mothers. Many pregnant mothers strictly abide by this sleeping posture for the healthy growth of their babies. However, sleeping is always different from person to person. Especially in the third trimester, the pregnant mother is really uncomfortable sleeping. Then, don’t try to bear the discomfort. You must insist on sleeping on the left side.

Sleeping well is the key. After all, if the pregnant mother does not sleep well, her mental state will be bad, which will seriously affect the healthy development of the baby. Moreover, in the late pregnancy, the baby will be more active and move very frequently. In the evening, if the pregnant mother can’t sleep, she will “quarrel” the baby can’t sleep, and both of them are uncomfortable.

The second is to go to bed after proper activities. It’s intolerable for the pregnant mother to insist on activities in the late pregnancy. After all, it’s hard to walk because of her heavy body. However, if the pregnant mother always lies down because of the lazy movement, the body cycle will easily slow down, which is not good for the health of herself and the baby. Especially in summer, pregnant mothers are more likely to get sleepy. There is heat outside, and they always want to lie down and squint for a while. Just, often squinting like this, to the night pregnant mother may be more difficult to sleep. If the biological clock is disrupted, the pregnant mother will feel more uncomfortable and affect the baby.

Pregnant mothers in the third trimester need to take time to do more activities, such as going out for a walk with their families in the cool morning or evening. When you are free on weekends or at ordinary times, go shopping with your husband or best friend to buy clothes, cribs or other daily necessities for your baby. Especially don’t leave and lie down after dinner, it’s better to take a walk to eliminate food, so that you will feel more comfortable when you sleep.

Travel in late pregnancy should be more cautious

Nowadays, most pregnant mothers are professional women, and they usually don’t take their leave until the due date. Travel to work in the third trimester, pregnant mother should be very careful, after all, the body is heavy. Especially living in a big city, it’s hard to rush in the morning and evening. If possible, pregnant mothers can apply to the company for staggered commute. Now many people pay more attention to civilization, will consciously make way for the pregnant mother. If not, the pregnant mother should be brave and find a seat for herself. After all, it’s very dangerous for a pregnant mother to lose her balance and fall down in case of sudden braking. If the carriage is too crowded to get to the seat, the pregnant mother must find a stable handrail. The best way is to stand and hold it.

Buses and subways are the means of transportation most pregnant mothers often use. In summer, the carriages usually have enough air conditioning, and the air conditioning temperature will be relatively low. A pregnant mother should prepare a small coat or shawl. Don’t catch cold. If commuting time is long, pregnant mother had better bring drinking water and replenish water in time. Pregnant mothers who drive to and from work should pay special attention to safe driving and try to avoid driving alone near childbirth. It’s suggested that pregnant mothers take a taxi to work, safety first.

In addition, pregnant women should pay special attention to diet and nutrition when the third trimester is near delivery. In addition to meeting the growth and development needs of the baby, the pregnant mother also needs to store some nutrients. Therefore, in addition to the daily meals, the pregnant mother can also eat some snacks and night meals properly. Especially in summer, the hot and humid weather itself makes people have a bad appetite. Pregnant mothers can bring some fruits or milk powder to work and supplement nutrition properly.


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