People often say that “the sun in early spring to 100 poisons”, although a little exaggerated, but the sun does have many benefits. For pregnant women, sunshine in spring can promote the absorption of calcium, prevent skin diseases and enhance immunity. In the near future, it will be rainy for a long time. Going to the sun can also improve your mood. However, pregnant women also pay attention to the sun in spring, and the sun can play a role!

▍ pregnant women have more benefits from sunshine in spring

· pregnant women can promote calcium absorption by sun exposure in spring

Calcium plays an important role in the growth and development of the fetus. Calcium deficiency may cause osteomalacia or rickets, and even affect the intellectual development of the baby. Ultraviolet light in sunlight can promote the synthesis of vitamin D, which is an indispensable material for human body to absorb calcium. In order to provide sufficient calcium for the fetus, the pregnant mother needs to supplement calcium, at the same time, she needs to be exposed to the sun to promote the absorption of calcium.

· prevention of skin diseases by sun exposure in spring for pregnant women

After a woman is pregnant, the hormone in her body changes obviously, and the change of hormone causes the skin of pregnant women to become sensitive, which is more likely to cause skin diseases due to infection of bacteria. We know that pregnancy is special and we can’t use drugs at will. Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to keep themselves away from diseases as much as possible. Ultraviolet rays in the sun have a strong sterilization effect. Pregnant mothers adhere to the sun every day, which can kill bacteria for the skin and effectively prevent the occurrence of skin diseases.

· pregnant women’s immunity can be enhanced by sun exposure in spring

The viscera function of human body is basically supported by Yang Qi. If the Yang Qi in human body is sufficient, the ability to resist diseases will be stronger. The sun can help supplement the Yang Qi. The Yang Qi is sufficient, and the immunity of people is naturally strong, so they can resist external evils and are not easy to get sick.

· pregnant women’s mood can be improved by sunshine in spring

The research points out that sunlight can stimulate the brain to release serotonin, the “happiness hormone”, so the sun can help improve mood and release pressure. Many people are prone to insomnia, chest distress and irritability in winter and rainy days, which is related to the reduction of sunshine time. Pregnant mothers can improve their mood and prevent depression by going out to the sun in spring.

Unexpectedly, there are so many benefits of sunshine during pregnancy. However, pregnant women also pay attention to the sun, which is good for the health of mothers and infants. So, how can pregnant moms bask in the sun scientifically?

▍ pregnant women should pay attention to the sun in spring

· pregnant women should choose the right time to sun in spring

Around 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. are good times for pregnant moms to bask in the sun. At this time, the sun is mild and not easy to burn. Pregnant moms should try to avoid the period from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. when they are exposed to the sun. This is the time when the UV is the strongest, so they should avoid direct sun exposure.

· pregnant women should pay attention to sun protection in spring

For most women, they get enough vitamin D by exposing their arms and legs to the sun for 12 to 20 minutes a day. However, pregnant women need more calcium, which means that they need more vitamin D, so the time of sun exposure should be slightly longer.

It should be noted that the skin of pregnant women is extremely sensitive to ultraviolet light in the sun, and this sensitivity may last up to 3 months after delivery. Therefore, it is suggested that pregnant mothers should apply SPF15 or above sunscreen to protect their skin better 30 minutes before going out to the sun.

· pregnant women should not be exposed to the sun through the glass in spring

Some pregnant mothers know that the sun is good for their mother’s and baby’s health, but they don’t want to go out, so they sit in front of the glass window and bask in the sun lazily. The picture looks very comfortable, but the ultraviolet rays in the sun can’t penetrate the glass. Although the sun can feel the temperature of the sun through the glass, it can’t play the benefits of the sun. Pregnant Mommy is in the sun in spring. Go to the balcony or go out of the house more often. Feel the charm of sunshine and the breath of spring!


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