Mothers who have experienced childbirth should have deep memories of words such as “opening the palace”, “opening ten fingers”.

There was Bao Ma beside her. She recalled the two days when she was waiting for delivery in the hospital and was impressed

When the pregnant mother in the next bed opened the uterine orifice, she felt very nervous. As soon as she saw the doctor, the nurse asked, “when can I have a baby?” the doctor replied with two fingers, “only two uterine orifices have been opened, and then wait.” after a while, the doctor said, “it will be a while before I leave ten fingers, and so on.”.

Baoma said that she was not so afraid, but she was stunned when she heard “open ten fingers”. She began to beat a drum in her heart: “God, what does it mean to open ten fingers? Does the doctor want to put ten fingers into the uterus to measure? Does it take ten fingers to fit in to have a baby? “

Most pregnant mothers must have heard of “opening ten fingers” and are worried about it. Today, I’m going to give you a little science popularization to ease the worries of pregnant mothers.

What is “opening ten fingers”?

Open finger = Open uterine mouth.

The opening of the uterine cervix is called dilation of the cervix. In general, the opening is about a fingertip away from it. And in the process of labor, the uterine mouth will expand step by step. It has been expanded to enable the baby to give birth smoothly.

After the fetus descends into the pelvis, the birth canal is ready to be naturally relaxed and open, so as to be ready for the delivery of the baby.

At this time, doctors usually use their fingers to measure the degree of dilation of the uterine orifice. For a finger of 1cm, the opening of the cervix by 10cm is equivalent to ten fingers. Therefore, there is a saying of “opening ten fingers”.

Pregnant mothers don’t worry, when doing this test, doctors will wear sterile gloves, put fingers from the vagina, put fingers on the mouth of the uterus, and measure the opening of the uterine orifice with fingers.

So, “open ten fingers” is not the doctor to put ten fingers in the palace mouth for measurement.

Can uterine mouth open to “ten fingers” can give birth?

The whole process of delivery is divided into three stages, also known as three stages of labor. The first stage of labor, that is, the expansion of the uterine mouth. The second stage of labor, that is, the fetal delivery period. The third stage of labor, the placental delivery period, refers to the process of fetal delivery to placental discharge.

The first stage of labor refers to the period from parturition to full opening of the uterine orifice. Only after full opening can the baby pass through the birth canal and be delivered out of the body.

The whole process of opening the uterus mouth is as follows

1. Early delivery. The contractions during this period are regular, and the uterine orifice has just opened a little. The cervix is softened by the power of hormones.

2. The longest period. The cervix becomes thinner, the uterine contraction intensifies, the uterine orifice has opened half, the expectant mother will feel quite uncomfortable.

3. The hardest part. The contractions become more intense, and analgesic measures are used at this time.

It’s coming soon. At this time, the palace mouth basically opened to ten fingers. At this time, we need the help of medical staff to give birth to the baby safely and smoothly.

Generally, when the size of one finger is opened, the mother to be will be in labor, but she has not really started childbirth; when she opens three fingers, she will enter the delivery room; when she reaches 10 fingers, she will begin to give birth.

How to open the uterine orifice quickly?

However, it takes a long time to open 3 fingers to 10 fingers, and the process of opening the uterus needs the efforts of the pregnant mother. For example,

If the pregnant mother is in a good condition, there are handrails on the walls of the obstetrics department. When the labor pains interval, with the help of midwives or family members, they should get out of bed and walk around as much as possible.

Listen to the midwife’s advice or with her help, by stimulating the nipple to strengthen the contractions, but also conducive to the opening of the uterus.

At the time of labor, whether it is the physical condition of the expectant mother, or the mental state, all have certain influence on the opening of the palace. Keep in mind that strong abdominal pain and the opening of the uterus are complementary.

After reading my introduction, did the mothers suddenly feel less afraid? It was, childbirth is not as terrible as you imagine, nor as embarrassing as you imagine. After all, everyone is busy helping you to have a baby.

Let’s get ready for the arrival of the lovely baby!


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