It has experienced the early pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy and the body load in the second trimester. In the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers may have to experience a series of problems such as walking difficulties, sleeping and insomnia. For some pregnant mothers, these are not things, bite your teeth and stick to it, just go through it. Did not expect, but by the pubic pain under the “Curse”, pain to cry.

@ stir fried tomato with tomato: the pubic pain in late pregnancy is to cry, especially at night, when you sleep for a while, when you turn over, it is painful to doubt life.

@ a lucky piggy: I feel the pain of pubic bone in the legend, and I will endure it all by perseverance. If it is troublesome, the legend will leave me soon.

▎ what is pubic pain?

The pubis is located at the junction of the thigh root and the lower abdomen. The distance between the pubis of normal people is about 4 ~ 5mm, and there is no dislocation. Due to the role of progesterone, the pubic ligament will be relaxed, the distance between pubis will be increased, and the pelvic flexion of pregnant mother will be greater, which will be more conducive to production. Therefore, pubic pain usually occurs in late pregnancy.

When both sides of the pubis are separated too much (more than 10 mm), there will be varying degrees of pain in the thigh root, pubis, waist and crotch, especially when bending, squatting and turning. This condition is called pubic symphysis separation, which is often called pubic pain.

▎ how to relieve pubic pain?

Pubic pain makes pregnant mother suffer so much, usually pay more attention to some daily living habits, in fact, it can relieve pubic pain.

1. Pay more attention to rest

When the pubic pain, can adopt the left side to lie down the posture, many bedridden rest. When sleeping, put a small pillow between her legs. When she is sitting, she can put a waist pillow behind her back. If the bed is big enough, the mother can also prepare a pillow for pregnant women to turn over or sleep more comfortable. Turn over or move the body as gently as possible to reduce the range of motion.

2. Avoid physical labor

After the fetus enters the basin, it may aggravate the burden of pubic bone. Therefore, pregnant women can take maternity leave and rest at home two weeks before the expected delivery date, and avoid heavy physical labor and walking with weight. The range of daily movement is smaller, and it can also relieve the pain of phalanx. Pregnant mothers with pubic pain should be light and less heavy.

3. Prepare suitable shoes

Pregnant mothers may suddenly feel pain in their toes when they are walking or standing. If the sudden pain when walking, may cause the pregnant mother’s center of gravity instability, easy to cause accidents. Therefore, pregnant mothers should choose a pair of shoes with soft and comfortable soles, and avoid wearing hard soled shoes with heels.

4. Use abdominal support belt

When the pregnant mother feels that the pain is unbearable, the abdominal support belt can be used to relieve the pressure of the uterus on the pubic bone. However, attention should be paid to the tightness of the belt. For safety, the pregnant mother can also seek the doctor’s advice, so as to avoid affecting the fetus in the abdomen at the critical moment in the late pregnancy.

5. Seek medical advice in time

Pregnant mother will feel, because of pain to go to the hospital will not appear too delicate? Pregnant mother can not have this idea, although late pregnancy pubic pain is more common, but if the degree of pain unbearable, or to the hospital for examination. Compared with the health of the fetus and pregnant mother, even if other people say ten thousand words “delicate”, it really doesn’t matter at all.


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