After pregnancy, almost all mothers will experience the problem of becoming darker and darker. Looking at myself in the mirror, my face is waxy, looking like I’m not awake, I’m not energetic at all. Day lore! How can it be so bad?

So the expectant mothers can’t help asking, “Doesn’t pregnancy make women more beautiful? Where is the beauty, please?

In fact, ah, “there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women,” this sentence also applies in pregnancy! If mothers-to-be mastered the right nurturing tricks during pregnancy, and persevere in not being lazy, you may be able to take advantage of this opportunity to regenerate, even if it is plain, the skin is still so rosy and clear, looks full of girls!

Coup 1: ensure adequate sleep.

They all say “sleep full beauty and feel free from a pregnant beauty.”

However, as the gestational age increases, the expectant mother’s stomach is getting bigger and bigger, the sleeping position is not correct, and the quality of sleep plummets. In this way, even if you don’t stay up late, but the next day will also have a “stay up face”, how can you look better?

Hey hey, there’s one good thing that really helps mothers-to-be with poor sleep quality: the side pillow for pregnant women.

A good pillow for pregnant women, must be very close to the body curve of the mother-to-be, can help the mother-to-be pad high waist, reduce abdominal pressure, while giving buttocks, limbs very good support, so that the mother-to-be body relaxation, thereby promoting sleep.

Coup two: facial cleanliness

During pregnancy, high face value should be maintained. “Face Engineering” must be emphasized. Only when we pay attention to “both inside and outside” can we make our skin bright and delicate from outside.

“Inside” comes from reasonable intake of nutrients and conditioning. “Outside” comes from daily skin care. Pregnant mother can use gentle facial cleanser to clean face and wash away dirt and grease. Refreshing and clean, with a rosy complexion, it is definitely a beautiful face with a beautiful face.

Coup three: proper protection before going out

In spring and summer, the first enemy of mother’s skin is ultraviolet radiation. However, some pregnant mothers think that they often stay in the office, commuting time is basically no sun, so sunscreen is completely ignored, completely ignored.

However, ultraviolet rays are not only available during the day, although you can not feel the time to go and work, but cumulative will show on your face skin, let your skin become yellow, and even appear stubborn melanin spots, and then envy other people’s “girl face”, it is too late!

So, if you want to stop your skin from getting dark, sunscreen and sunscreen umbrellas must be used honestly!

Coup four, take balanced nutrition

Pregnant mother gas color difference, complexion is yellow, resistance is worse, most of them are not related to nutrition during pregnancy. You know, now is “one person to eat, two people to supplement”, balanced nutritional intake not only plays a key role in the normal development of the baby, but also related to the health of the mother-to-be.

So mom’s daily diet should be balanced, comprehensive, as much as possible to eat a little richer every day, with a reasonable mix of meat and vegetarian. Besides, don’t overlook a glass of milk a day. You know, dairy food is a good source of nutrients, but much better than those thick tonic soup!

For the mother, enough sleep, coupled with scientific skin cleaning and care, daily nutrition intake diversified and sufficient, from the internal conditioning, good color naturally revealed, pregnancy can also be beautiful to 100 points!


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