Pregnant 280 days, finally get out of the head, in the week before the due date, the little angel is about to report, mother-to-be is surprised and nervous. So, what special mothers need to pay attention to in this week? Let’s tell you the editor.

Mom, don’t do these things.

Avoid anxiety and prevent insomnia.

Listen to a lot about the pain of childbirth, expectant mothers are very worried, some people begin to become anxious, afraid of what happens to the baby, afraid that they can not get along… Every day, anxiety and sleep quality drop dramatically. This mood is normal, but new mothers should not be excessively anxious and be alert to insomnia.

Be careful not to be careless and beware of mistakes.

Some expectant mothers are careless, because pregnancy has been nothing uncomfortable, so when approaching the due date still like a normal person, no sense of unloading, some of the preparations for the baby is not careful… Actually, this is not good, although you are very calm, but once you are not ready to report to the baby, then the hands are in a hurry.

Don’t travel far away and guard against labor.

During the expected date of childbirth, there is usually a vacation to stay at home. And some strong women expectant mothers, still flying around, there are some playful expectant mothers, but also want to go out to distract, both of these situations are not desirable, in case the baby on the way to start what to do, will be caught off guard. It’s safer to stay at home and be safe.

Don’t be hungry, be careful of your fatigue.

Near delivery, some mothers-to-be see the B ultrasound examination shows that the fetus is too heavy, so worried about the difficulty of natural delivery, they began to interestingly diet, dare not eat. It is also unscientific to do so. Childbirth is a physical activity, it needs to reserve energy ahead of time, then it will have the power to produce labor. Of course, you need to reduce the intake of high calorie foods such as sweets, and maintain a scientific diet.

You may as well do these things and make babies more relaxed.

Replenish nutrition and store physical energy.

Childbirth is a physical activity, but not enough to eat. Therefore, expectant mothers in the week before childbirth, diet can be rich in sugar, protein, vitamins, a little fat and other digestible principles for good. Can be pregnant according to their hobbies, eat some protein: such as meat, fish, milk, eggs, peanuts and soy products; eat more calcium, iron, vitamin foods, such as oranges, apples, grapes, tomatoes, bananas and so on.

Do not overeat, eat less and eat more, pay attention to replenishment.

Appropriate exercise to promote childbirth

Cross-legged sitting: late pregnancy cross-legged sitting, can improve the posture of childbirth, maintain pelvic flexibility, enhance the blood circulation of the lower body. You can do this by keeping your back and waist straight, closing your feet, pulling your heels inward, and slowly lowering your knees. Note that pregnant women with pubic symphysis separation are not suitable.

Walk: Every morning and evening you can let your family go out for a 40-minute walk, breathe fresh air, walk around, let the fetus into the basin as soon as possible, you can also exercise your body, so that childbirth more easily.

Stair climbing: antenatal proper staircase climbing, not only can exercise the mother-to-be’s vital capacity, help promote the fetus into the pelvis, so that the birth process more smoothly. Mother-to-be can go up the stairs with her family. Be careful to go up the stairs. Mother-to-be should be careful when she goes up the stairs.

Anal lifting exercise: can increase the pelvic floor muscle elasticity, prevention and treatment of childbirth laceration and postpartum urinary incontinence. The specific method is to contract the perineum and anal muscles and relax after 5-10 seconds. Early, middle and late 15 to 20 times, increase muscle elasticity.

Pelvic floor muscle contraction exercise: cross-legged two hands under the knee, morning and evening do 3 minutes each, relax the waist joint, stretch the pelvic muscle. It should be noted that we should not overdo, pay attention to rest, to appear more tired situation, can not continue.

Ready to be admitted to hospital at any time.

Mother supplies:

(1) cotton pajamas: 1-2 sets.

(2) lactation underwear: 2-3. When breast-feeding, the breast will become bigger because of breast milk. If the underwear is too tight, it will cause chest pain. Therefore, it is best to buy at the time of labor, and suggest buying a size larger than the size of that time.

(3) towels: 4-6. Mainly used for post-natal self-cleaning, towels as far as possible do not mix, preferably different colors, respectively for different purposes.

(4) disposable underwear: 4-6

(5) a sucker; maternal hygiene towel; adult care mat; pregnant mother food: can be prepared in advance chocolate, brown sugar and other foods.

Baby products:

(1) 1-2 clothes and 1-2 pieces of clothing for newborn babies.

(2) diapers, mouth towels and towels.

(3) baby’s hip cream, baby’s bath tub, wet napkin and so on.

[editor’s comment]

Delivery is the only way to be a mother. Whether you’re going to have a natural delivery or a cesarean section, it’s not easy, but it’s natural not to talk about discoloration, to believe in yourself, to give yourself confidence, to be mature. If you want to give birth more smoothly, you should be prepared before pregnancy and obey the doctor’s instructions during childbirth so that you can give birth to the baby smoothly.


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