Near the “unloading”, the mood of the expectant mother is delighted, because it is about to meet with the little guy. However, even full-term expectant mothers, at this time can not be slighted, oh, in life, food, clothing, housing and transportation should be carefully careful, ready to wait for the arrival of the baby.

Clothes: clothes do not wear belly, shoes need comfort.

Many people in the third trimester of pregnancy, because the stomach is too big, wearing anything feel ugly, so their image is ignored, become very sloppy. In fact, in the third trimester, you should dress yourself up more beautifully.

Late pregnancy stomach is getting bigger and bigger, at this time the pregnant taste is more prominent oh, if well matched, is also a hot mother. You can choose loose pregnant women’s clothes, style can be according to their own preferences, but commuting, sexy, lovely is also good.

Besides clothes, shoes are also very particular. Because some mothers-to-be will be edema in the third trimester of pregnancy, at this time the size of the shoes is larger, so choose a comfortable pair of shoes, never wear high heels, comfortable flat shoes / sneakers is the best choice.

Food: full nutrition, weight control

I believe that throughout pregnancy, expectant mothers will enjoy unprecedented queen’s treatment in this respect, a variety of tonics, a variety of gourmet food can be eaten, anyway, in order to baby’s development, more nutrition is the king. However, some people because of the excessive eating, so that weight gain too fast, easy to let the baby on the big side, which is not helpful for natural childbirth. Therefore, in the third trimester, we should take proper weight control.

Eat less and eat more, pay attention to the choice of ingredients. You can eat meat, fish, eggs, milk or soya bean milk every day. Salt should be properly controlled. The consumption of salt in pregnant women with edema is limited to less than 5 grams per day. In addition, spicy food and alcohol should also be avoided.

Residence: ventilated and airtight, enough sleep.

In spring and summer, flu is rampant. At this time, the living environment of pregnant mothers should be more ventilated and ventilated, so that fresh air circulation, so that you can breathe fresh air, the body’s resistance will be strengthened, in order to reduce the risk of influenza.

In the third trimester, many expectant mothers are too big to sleep at night. Lack of sleep is bound to affect their emotions, but also affect the development of the baby. Therefore, when sleep is not good, take precautions, such as Papa can massage mother-to-be to ease pain, can also use a maternal pillow cushion to ease discomfort, or listen to wonderful songs to help sleep quickly.

OK: scientific campaign to promote childbirth.

Pregnancy, do not be a house mother Oh, appropriately to walk outside, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, proper exercise helps to give birth. But be careful not to walk too much, not too much exercise, do not overwork, generally walking is better.

In addition, you can also do prenatal gymnastics, not only can increase the flexibility of the pelvic muscles, but also help the fetal head into the pelvis. During exercise, you can use the abdominal strap to play a protective role.


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