After a woman is pregnant, many changes or discomforts will occur in her body and mind, together with various factors such as work and life, which will bring great pressure to the expectant mother. If the pressure is not released, it will affect the body of the expectant mother, thus affecting the health of the baby. Therefore, it is necessary for expectant mothers to do something to relieve pressure during pregnancy. At the same time, expectant fathers should try their best to help expectant mothers relieve pressure.

Pregnancy decompression, what should expectant mothers do?

Excessive stress during pregnancy is a great disaster for mothers, even endangering the health of mothers and babies when it is serious. Facing the pressure during pregnancy, what should expectant mothers do to relieve stress during pregnancy?

Pay attention to rest

Busy, this is a word that modern people often talk about, but as a pregnant woman, you have to rest when you are busy. Many working mothers, once busy with their work, forget to rest or delay their rest until they stop to find themselves exhausted. You are busy, you are tired, but the baby will be involved in the belly.

Work will never be finished. If there are difficulties, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If necessary, ask the leaders to reduce the workload, and strive for a break at noon and no overtime at night. And if you are a full-time mother, don’t stay up late chasing dramas, go to bed early, get up early, be in good spirits, and be good for your baby.

Don’t be paranoid.

Many mothers are always suspicious, cranky and worried about their babies’condition after pregnancy, so that they are under too much psychological pressure and are in a tense and anxious state every day. Expectant mothers can often talk to their husbands if they have concerns, or consult other mothers if they encounter questions related to the fetus, or go to the Mother’s Forum to learn their lessons. In a word, don’t hold things in your heart. If you feel ill, consulting a doctor directly is better than worrying blindly.

Learn to relax and enjoy

If you want, you can enjoy queen-like treatment during pregnancy, housework, etc. can let your husband or mother-in-law help to share, to make more time for themselves to rest. On weekdays, you can also attend some pregnant women’s gatherings to exchange experience. On weekends, you can go shopping with your husband and relax as much as possible. Not enjoying at this time, but when?

What should expectant fathers do to reduce stress during pregnancy?

Women tend to become sensitive and fragile, emotionally unstable or often lose temper after pregnancy. Considering that expectant mothers may have these abnormalities because of excessive stress during pregnancy, expectant fathers should take more care and do their best to help expectant mothers reduce stress.

Take the initiative to do housework

Most men are not good at doing housework, nor do they like doing housework. Wife needs to be changed after pregnancy. After all, big-bellied mother-in-law is not suitable for working too hard. Clean up the house, tidy up, and prepare a rich dinner. Seeing this, the troubles and pressures of the expectant mother will disappear.

Occasionally come on a sweet date

When the mother-to-be is found to be depressed, we should guide her and try to transfer her unhealthy mood. Sometimes it’s good to have a sweet date, such as a weekend drive, or go to the beach for a breeze, so that the expectant mother can forget her worries for a while and enjoy the pleasure of the trip.

Don’t just play with your cell phone.

Even at home, you should put down your mobile phone, accompany your wife more, accompany her to read books, listen to music, watch variety arts, teach the baby together, name the baby together, chat together, and imagine the baby’s appearance together.


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