Pregnant women are the high-risk group of hemorrhoids, they have been pregnant very hard, if the hemorrhoids come to make fun at this time, it really makes pregnant mothers miserable. As the saying goes, “Nine haemorrhoids in ten people”, although many people have haemorrhoids but do not feel too much trouble, but the pregnant mother’s special constitution, pregnant haemorrhoids are prone to attack, medication and treatment will be limited, which will bring great trouble to pregnant mothers. How should pregnant mothers cope with “hemorrhoids” during pregnancy?

_Why are pregnant hemorrhoids prone to attack?

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy refers to the soft venous mass formed by dilation and flexion of the venous plexus at the end of rectum submucosa and the skin of anal canal in pregnant women. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are prone to attack for many reasons.

1. After pregnancy, pregnant women exercise less, sedentary, pelvic blood flow too slowly and abdominal visceral congestion, resulting in vein filling, bulging, reduce the tension of vein wall.

2. Sitting too little will slow down the intestinal peristalsis, keep the stool in the body for too long, dry the stool when the water is absorbed, and squeeze the vein of the stool will lead to congestion and blood reflux difficulties.

3. With the growth of the fetus, the growing uterus will cause pressure on the vena cava, obstruct the blood flow in the pelvis, and make the blood stasis of the perianal venous plexus.

4. After pregnancy, dietary changes, inadequate intake of vegetables, fruits and crude fibers, combined with the influence of endocrine hormones, easily lead to constipation, hemorrhoids and venous blood stasis in the lower rectum and anus, and induce hemorrhoids.

Haemorrhoids, mainly manifested by bleeding when stool, or with prolapse of hemorrhoids nucleus, severe cases with anal swelling, anemia and so on. Many medicines during pregnancy are not suitable for operation, and conservative treatment is the main treatment for hemorrhoids during pregnancy. The incidence of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is high. Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to prevention.

_How to prevent hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

Haemorrhoids attack during pregnancy can not only suffer from physical pain, but also affect the mood, which is harmful to the health of both mother and child. If originally suffered from hemorrhoids, it is best to go to the examination during pregnancy preparation, under the guidance of the doctor to do the corresponding treatment, so as not to be affected during pregnancy. In order to avoid hemorrhoids or haemorrhoids attack during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should do the following preventive work.

1. Pay attention to diet. Three meals should be regular, eat more foods containing more cellulose, such as brown rice, malt, whole wheat bread, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy stimulating food.

2. Replenish more water. Pregnancy is easy to constipate, if the body is short of water, constipation will be more serious, so, at least 1000 ml of water a day, if the weather is hot, sweating, drinking water should be increased appropriately.

3. Develop the habit of regular defecation. It is better to defecate after breakfast every day, because after breakfast, food entering the stomach can cause “gastro-colon reflex”, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, cause defecation reflex. When defecating, concentrate your energy. Don’t worry about playing with mobile phones or reading books or newspapers. Shorten defecation time as much as possible.

4. Don’t suffer from defecation. Feces accumulated in the body for a long time, not only easy to cause constipation, but also affect appetite, if pregnant mothers have the intention to defecate in time. If you have constipation, you can drink more cold boiled water or milk every day to stimulate peristalsis of the large intestine and help defecate.

5. Exercise properly. You are just pregnant, not sick, not pregnant to sit and lie down to rest, proper exercise can strengthen gastrointestinal peristalsis, is also good for the body.

In short, if you don’t want to suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, you should strengthen prevention, try to make the pregnancy more comfortable, the mother less suffering, less stress, better mood, and good for the baby’s health.


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