Hot, hot, hot, hot summer, pregnant mothers are all right? Summer is hot or hot, but pregnant women can not be defeated by the “heat.”. This summer, you can also take your own route to make your pregnancy more comfortable, more comfortable, healthier and more pregnant. How to get out of your own route in summer? Come on, let’s have a look!

1、 Beautiful, more comfortable

Pregnant women fashion dress, pregnant women’s back trousers, pregnant women’s broad leg pants, pregnant women printed chiffon shirt See a variety of pregnant women’s clothing, pregnant women can not help buying buy? This summer, let the pregnancy taste be full of, be a beautiful pregnant mother!

However, pregnant women’s clothing should try to choose soft, strong air permeability, easy to absorb sweat fabrics, simple and generous style, light color, such clothing can let pregnant Mommy have a cool and comfortable summer.

Tips for pregnant women in summer:

1. Don’t forget to wear sunshade, sunscreen clothes and sunglasses when you go out.

2. Try to wear loose and convenient clothes for toilet when going out.

3. If the air conditioner in the office is too cold, a thin coat can be prepared.

2、 Eat appetizer, and be more hygienic

In summer, the hot and dry weather makes pregnant mothers’ appetite worse, and appetizers are especially popular. For example, sour, spicy, ice and cold food can stimulate the appetite of pregnant mothers. However, pregnant women have a special constitution. In summer, they should eat well in addition to appetizers.

In hot summer, people love cold drinks, a cup of frozen milk tea or juice, enough to make people feel cool. But for pregnant women, cold drinks are not good, occasionally, can not be drink often.

Pregnant mothers should avoid eating or eating less spicy and greasy food. Summer vegetables, melons and fruits, pregnant women can eat more heat and heat-relieving food. The cooking method is mainly cold mixing, steaming, boiling, stewing and frying, and try not to fry or smoke.

Summer is a high incidence season of gastrointestinal diseases. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to diet hygiene, otherwise it will easily cause digestive tract infection, and seriously lead to uterine contraction, and lead to premature delivery, threatening the health of mother and baby.

3、 Sleep well, and be healthy

Pregnant Mommy metabolism is fast, summer is more prone to sweat, to sleep comfortable, air conditioning naturally can not be. Pregnant women should adjust the air conditioning to 26-28 ℃ when sleeping, and comfortable temperature can make pregnant women sleep more comfortable.

Pregnant women should sleep cool, but not too greedy. When sleeping at night, do not blow directly to air conditioning or fan, so as to avoid cold and cold. Air conditioning room should pay attention to ventilation, daily morning and evening to close the air conditioning, open doors and windows, let air flow.

Many pregnant mothers leave their jobs after pregnancy, and their daily time is controlled by themselves. No one is supervised, and it is easier to form irregular bad habits of work and rest. Even, the night because of playing mobile phones and stay up late, resulting in sleep. This is not desirable. For the sake of mother and baby health, pregnant mothers must work regularly.

In addition, pregnant mothers in summer are metabolized, fat secretion is much, sweating is much, clothes should be frequently changed frequently, quilt covers and pillowcases should also be washed and dried frequently.

4、 Walk freely, and you should protect yourself from sun

It’s impossible to stay indoors, whether it’s a full-time mom or a working mom. Pregnant women are beautiful and comfortable to go out, so she can walk more freely. It is necessary to spare some time every day, walk in the park with fresh air, or walk in the path with shade of trees. It can not only relax yourself, but also exercise properly, which is beneficial to physical and mental health.

However, walk freely and pay attention to sunscreen! Summer sun is not generally spicy, exposed to strong ultraviolet rays, prone to sunburn, so sun protection is particularly important. Pregnant women are better to wear special sunscreen and sunscreen or umbrella. Of course, if necessary, they can wear sunscreen clothes. Also bring drinking water, timely supplement water, in order to prevent heatstroke.

Take your own route, this summer is not too hot; take your own route, this pregnancy is not lonely! Believe me, take your own route, be a happy pregnant mother, you can!


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