At the end of pregnancy, the belly is as big as a ball. I feel that the whole person has changed from a small size to a large size, which is particularly clumsy. Many things have become helpless. If you want to wash PP, you feel that your hands are shorter and you can’t reach it; if you want to wash your hair, you find that you are too tired to bend down and can’t support you for a while; if you want to cut your toenails, you can’t cut them at all. Oh,My god! It’s just a pregnancy. Is it difficult? A lot of things can only ask for help from my husband. Do moms feel the same?

Wash your hair and don’t bend down

When the female hormones in pregnant mothers are in the most vigorous and disordered secretion, the state of hair will become unstable, sometimes thick and bright, sometimes sparse and dry, so it is particularly important to wash and protect the hair during pregnancy. But the belly is getting bigger and bigger every day. It’s difficult for pregnant mothers to bend down and wash their hair. How to wash can be safe and beautiful two not wrong?

Pregnant mother make complaints about:

@ Tongtong: the stomach is getting bigger and bigger. It’s not convenient to do anything, especially shampoo. You can’t bend down.

@ Mo Mo: I used to wash my hair alone, but later I have a big stomach. I can only stand and wash every time, together with the bath!

@ Bingbing: I’ve always been used to taking a bath and washing my hair separately. I have to stoop to wash my hair. My stomach is too big and I can’t stand it. It’s very difficult to wash my head.

@ Lolo: I’m also used to washing separately. I can’t help but cut my hair short. It’s more convenient to wash together in the bath.

@ Meiling: when I wash my hair, I sit on a chair with a back and ask my husband to wash my hair. Sometimes it’s troublesome to wash my hair at home by myself. I go to the barber’s to wash it directly. I don’t have to worry about bending down, but I can also enjoy massage. It’s just a little expensive.

I have something to say:

Generally speaking, long hair does not need to be washed every day. It is reasonable to wash hair 2-3 times a week. In summer, pregnant mothers sweat more and can wash every other day. In addition, it’s better not to wash your hair in the morning. If your hair is not dried, the pores of your head are open, and it’s easy to get cold. If you want to wash your hair in the morning, you must dry it before you go out to avoid cold evil and dampness, which will lead to headache, neck and back pain.

It’s too hard to wash PP and squat down

After pregnancy, due to the role of hormones, the secretion of the lower body increased, the vulva was moist, easy to breed bacteria. However, the resistance of pregnant mothers is decreased, and they are easily entangled by various kinds of gynecological inflammation. Therefore, pay special attention to cleaning PP and vulva when bathing every day. However, with the increase of gestational age, the tummy is getting bigger and bigger, the pregnant Mommy will be tired after standing for a long time, and it will be more and more difficult to squat, and her hands seem to be getting shorter. How can I wash them?

Pregnant mother make complaints about:

@ Ziqi: it’s hot and sweaty. I need to wash it a few times a day. I’ll just stand and rush for a few minutes.

Anna: it’s safer to wash while sitting. It’s not easy to fall, and it won’t hurt your back.

@ Lili: it’s not convenient for me to squat down and wash. I take a shower every day, but I can’t reach some places. I can only wash it with a shower. It’s hard to wash the vulva, buttocks and feet.

@ Lavender: I’m 8 months pregnant. I’ll ask my husband to help me take off my pants. I really can’t help myself a lot.

@ 10th day of the lunar calendar: sitting on the toilet and washing with warm water in a mineral water bottle, it’s easy and convenient.

I have something to say:

During pregnancy, leucorrhoea is increasing, which is particularly easy to infect germs. You should wash them frequently with warm water every day. Change your underwear every day, wash them immediately, dry them in the sun, and wash them regularly with boiled water. Don’t wash your vagina without the instructions of your doctor. If leucorrhoea is abnormal (large quantity and stink), you should go to a doctor as soon as possible.

I can’t cut my toenails

By the end of pregnancy, the whole person is clumsy and it’s hard to cut his toes, but personal hygiene needs to be improved. What to do with the unreachable toenails?

Pregnant mother make complaints about:

@ Guoguo: toenails grow in the flesh. It’s hard to cut every time. Now it’s late pregnancy. It’s hard to cut once. My husband can’t laugh at my clumsy appearance.

@ fei’er: I have a long leg. I can cut it myself. Others don’t feel comfortable.

@ Zizai mother: I cut it myself. I’ll find a high place to put my feet. It’s easy to cut it slowly.

@ Mo’er: I can’t cut it myself. Let my husband help me cut it. It’s not convenient for me to wear socks and shoes now. I also asked my husband to help me.

@ Xiaofeng’s mother: go outside to find a pedicure repair. I can manage it for two or three months every time.

I have something to say:

In addition to toenails, fingernails are also important for pregnant moms. For pregnant moms who used to do manicure, don’t do it again after pregnancy. Nail long easy to hide dirt, pay attention to personal hygiene during pregnancy.

Pregnant moms, pregnant women encounter a variety of powerless, to her husband for help!


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