Many first-time pregnant mothers experience heartburn, which often occurs in the back of the sternum and at the heart socket. It often occurs during sleep. When the body position changes from sitting and standing position to lying position, or when coughing, holding breath and defecating forcefully, this phenomenon can also happen. In addition, eating some acidic food, spicy food, may also lead to heartburn.

Pregnant mothers feel heartburn is due to the hormone changes in the body after pregnancy, gradually increasing the uterus, pressing the stomach, resulting in acid reflux, so the pregnant mother will feel a burning sensation in the stomach, chest and even throat. With the increase of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will often feel heartburn.

Heartburn does not harm the fetus, but it often makes people feel uncomfortable and even fidgety. So, is there any way to relieve heartburn during pregnancy?

1. Reasonable diet

Pregnant mothers should not eat too late, especially for dinner. They can try to eat less and more meals, slow down the speed of eating, chew and swallow slowly, which can avoid the increase of gastric pressure and the rise of diaphragm. The best time for dinner is 2-3 hours before going to bed, giving the stomach enough time to digest food.

In terms of food selection, pregnant mothers should avoid eating foods that are too sweet, too sour and spicy, which are likely to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Usually can prepare some small snacks, can eat digestive fiber biscuits or nuts, to neutralize stomach acid.

2. Pay attention to rest

If a pregnant mother feels heartburn seriously, she should pay more attention to rest, keep her eyes closed or lie down to sleep is a good way. When a pregnant mother sleeps, she can prepare several pillows or wedge-shaped cushions to slightly raise her upper body, which can effectively reduce esophageal reflux and let her breathe more smoothly.

3. Loose clothes

It’s very important for a pregnant mother to dress comfortably. In order to reduce esophageal reflux, pregnant mothers can choose loose clothes to avoid tight clothes on the waist and abdomen, which can reduce the probability of gastric acid reflux. In addition, if pregnant mothers often feel heartburn, it is necessary to choose the right bra for pregnancy. Comfortable bra, can reduce the pressure on the chest.

Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to their daily living habits and avoid smoking and drinking. If you feel that “heartburn” is too serious and has affected the normal work and rest of life, you must see a doctor in time.


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