Pregnant women’s tummy is easy to attract people’s attention, whether relatives, friends or colleagues, to see pregnant women’s tummy, some people can’t help but want to touch it. Some pregnant mothers refuse to touch their stomachs, while some can accept it. What’s your attitude towards other people touching your stomach when you are pregnant?

The rejectionists

@ mom Bowen: I hate being touched by others after I’m pregnant, especially. Just now a woman saw that I was pregnant. She felt it for several times. What a nuisance! I dodged. I don’t know what to touch. I’m the placenta on the anterior wall. I dare not touch it myself.

@ little fruit: I hate one of my friends touching my stomach. I’m really speechless! Said once or so, also very hard to clap, said to say hello! Now try not to meet, not light or heavy, really very angry!

@ Duoduo’s Mom: I only touch him, but no one else has. My mom says don’t touch him all the time. It’s not right. It’s easy to get around my neck.

@ angly: when I was pregnant, I didn’t let anyone touch it except my husband and occasionally my mother. Of course, I touch it most by myself!


@ Yang Yang Ma: I don’t think it matters. People want to touch your stomach when they have a good relationship with you!

@ Apple: my colleagues are curious to come and feel it. I don’t think it’s OK. It’s not a sudden attack. You can see it when someone reaches for it!

@ Junjun Mummy: I don’t care. Anyone can touch it. Everyone pays more attention to it. They will ask me before touching it.

@ Tangbao’s Mom: as long as I don’t pat my stomach, I can’t help feeling my friend’s big stomach.

Do not want others to touch your stomach during pregnancy, how to refuse?

After pregnancy, your stomach is always more interesting than your face, and sometimes some people can’t help touching it. In fact, they are not malicious, just driven by curiosity. Some people will ask for your permission before touching; and some people always move faster than they say, so that you are caught off guard. In fact, if you just touch it gently, it will not affect the fetus. Expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

If you don’t like other people touching your stomach, you should be clear about your attitude and refuse what you should refuse. Don’t hold it in your heart. Of course, people who want to touch your stomach are often acquaintances. When you refuse them, you can use a euphemistic way. Next, I’ll tell you some tips for euphemistic refusal!

1. If you really don’t want people to touch your stomach, and you don’t have the heart to refuse, and you don’t have to hurt yourself, you might as well find an excuse to turn off the topic, or directly say, “baby is sleeping now, or don’t disturb him!”

2. Refuse with your baby’s reaction. You can say to the other person, “sorry, my baby doesn’t seem to like being touched. Every time someone touches it, it seems that the fetal movement becomes more severe. It seems that they are protesting. You can touch it after a period of time when it becomes more stable! ” Your family and friends will stop when they hear your baby’s protest.

3. Use the doctor as a shield and tell her, “last time I went to the prenatal examination, the doctor specially told me not to touch my stomach frequently, otherwise it is easy to cause uterine contraction. Now I don’t dare to touch it myself, so…” What the doctor said, ordinary people will not violate.

I know you like babies very much, but my stomach is not used to being touched. It’s not too late to touch the baby when he comes out Don’t forget to smile when you say it!


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