During pregnancy, most expectant mothers develop edema around their ankles, especially in the late pregnancy. The reason is that the growing fetus oppresses the great inguinal vein, which increases blood pressure in the legs. That pregnant woman oedema is serious how should do?

1. Pay attention to balanced diet

Edema may be inevitable, but some measures can be taken to prevent edema from becoming serious, among which paying attention to a balanced diet is one of them. Excessive intake of salt is more likely to cause edema. Therefore, pregnant women should eat less fattening food, less spicy food with heavy taste, and more apples, oranges, fruits and cereals; drink more water to ensure normal renal function, so that excess water in the body can be discharged through the urinary system.

2. Swim properly

Swimming is a kind of exercise for legs. It makes it easier for venous blood to return to the heart. But swimming is not suitable for every pregnant woman. Even pregnant women need to swim with the permission of the doctor.

3. Massage the legs properly

Since it is leg oedema is serious, so can do proper massage to leg, just sit on sofa or lie on bed massage can. The method is also very simple, that is from the foot to the calf direction gradually upward massage can be slightly, appropriate use of some essential oil effect is better.

4. Do yoga exercise

Many yoga movements are suitable for pregnant women, because the venous blood is sent back to the heart by muscle contraction and some valve in the blood vessel. If you raise your feet slightly after lying on your back, it will be easier for the blood to return to the heart, and the swelling will be easily eliminated.

5. Take a walk outside after dinner

Walking is also a kind of leg exercise, maybe the amount of exercise is smaller, but the walking range is making venous blood return to the heart smoothly with the help of the contraction force of calf muscles, which has a good effect on preventing and alleviating edema.

All of the above are the methods to deal with the normal pregnancy edema. If the edema does not subside after the above methods and there are signs of aggravation, we should go to the hospital as soon as possible. Pregnant mothers need to do a good job of regular birth inspection during pregnancy, pay attention to diet and exercise, so that pregnant mothers are healthy and babies are healthier.


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