Some pregnant women eat thoroughly before they get pregnant, either on the way or on the way. But after pregnancy, for the sake of the baby’s health, can only forcibly prohibit the mouth, and snack off. Is pregnancy really such a big sacrifice? Can’t you really eat snacks? In fact, there is no need to “kill a boat of people with a bamboo pole,” even if pregnant, do not have to give up all snacks, some snacks are still good for pregnant women! For example, the following six snacks can be eaten properly.

Recommended snacks for pregnant women: nuts

Hazelnut, walnuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, chestnuts and so on, nuts of many kinds, rich in nutrition, taste good, and high calories easy to satiate, suitable for breakfast or meals to eat, but not much.

Tips: Seed food is a good source of vitamins and minerals for the body, and it’s also a small warehouse of nutrients. Eating a little every day is very important for your health! Eating walnuts at three or four months of pregnancy is especially important for fetal brain development. Some pregnant mothers don’t like walnuts. They can also make nuts and put them in porridge and yogurt, which is more acceptable.

Recommended snacks for pregnant women: dried fruit

Kiwi slices, raisins, red dates, banana slices, strawberries, dried mangoes, plums and so on, dried fruit is delicious and appetizing, is also a favorite snack for many people, can be put in breakfast or meal time to eat, the workplace pregnant mother might as well prepare several more dried fruit in the office.

Tips: Many dried fruits will be added more sugar or additives in the process, and the heat of dried fruits is on the high side, so it is not appropriate to eat more, should try to choose dried fruits with less sugar and food additives. Of course, it is no problem to eat some of them occasionally.

Recommended snacks for pregnant women: dairy products

Milk, yogurt, milk shake, cheese, milk tablets, suitable for breakfast, dinner or meals, liquid dairy products 300-500 ml a day, drink the best dairy products contain yogurt, because the calcium in yogurt is more conducive to human absorption.

Tips: pay attention to choosing low protein products with high protein content, sugar and flavoring agents. Dairy products are a good source of high-quality protein, calcium and other nutrients, help pregnant mothers to supplement nutrition and to fill the calcium needed during pregnancy, the growth and development of the fetus is very important.

Recommended for pregnant women snacks: coarse grain

Sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, taro, corn, potatoes, oats, etc., are rich in nutrition, high in energy, and have a strong sense of satiety. Pregnant mother often feel hungry, in addition to meals, occasionally add some coarse grain is also a good choice, coarse grain cooking way is more healthy, avoid fried.

Tips: coarse grain is a staple food, but sometimes it can be used as a snack to adjust the taste. Frequent replacement of different types of coarse grains can help to supplement dietary fiber and improve our usual staple food eating too fine drawbacks, but also to prevent constipation.

Recommended snacks for pregnant women: Fruit

Apples, cherries, kiwifruit, figs, pears, grapes, bananas, grapefruit, and so on, the variety of fruit is very large, but also very popular, pregnant mothers can often change varieties to eat, breakfast can be a small amount of fruit, generally can be eaten between meals or after dinner for an hour, but most of the fruit sugar content is high, not much Eat it.

Tips: Pregnant women should eat fruits with relatively low sugar content, but they should not eat too much, or it will affect the dinner. It should be noted that most pregnant women’s body heat, if eating hot fruit, such as litchi, durian, etc., it is easy to get angry, leading to constipation. However, the fruits of mangosteen and watermelon should be eaten with caution.

Recommended for pregnant snacks: vegetables that can be eaten raw.

Tender lotus root, fruit radish, cucumber, carrot and so on. Many vegetables can be eaten as fruit, but can be eaten before meals or at meals.

Tips: The tender raw vegetable serves as a daily snack, not only tastes natural and fresh, but also retains more water-soluble vitamin nutrition. Moreover, the sugar is not high, deeply pregnant mother’s favorite.

The principle of snacks during pregnancy is nutrition, health and moderation. Although Street dark cuisine is very popular, but most of them are unhealthy and unhealthy, pregnant mothers have to endure when they see it, and there are some high-salt and high-sugar food, pickled food, puffed food, pregnant mothers are not suitable to eat. When pregnant mothers are greedy, they might as well eat the six kinds of snacks recommended above. Eat healthy snacks, healthy babies!


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