There have been several news reports about pregnant women going to the toilet——

In 2015, a pregnant woman in Guilin accidentally gave birth to her child while going to the toilet. The baby fell down from the toilet and got stuck in the pipe. Fortunately, his family sent the doctor in time. After more than half a month’s treatment, the baby recovered and was discharged from hospital yesterday.

In 2015, a 23-year-old pregnant woman in Liangping went to the toilet before the birth examination and gave birth to a baby in the toilet. Fortunately, the baby who stayed in the stool for more than 20 minutes still breathed

The above cases, the child was born in a cesspool, yes, you heard me correctly!

The pregnant mother has a big belly. If she squats in the toilet, squats down and gets up, she has to go to the toilet every time. Combined with the above two cases of accidental delivery, many pregnant mothers prefer to use sitting stool. But there are also many pregnant mothers who say that sitting is not sanitary. After all, squatting or sitting stool, which is more suitable for pregnant you?

▎ how about squatting during pregnancy?

Squatting toilet can be used in the early and middle trimester of pregnancy. Although squatting down can test the physical strength of pregnant mother, it can exercise the muscles of pelvis and feet. In addition, squatting toilet is more hygienic than sitting toilet, which is more suitable for pregnant mothers with weak resistance, but pregnant mothers need to be careful when using squatting pits.

Proper use of squatting toilet

   A kind of Use the right posture and strength

First of all, pregnant mother squat when not too hard, the best way to squat, at the same time the foot can be slightly outside eight, so it is not easy to press the stomach.

✘ don’t squat too long

When a pregnant mother squats in a pit, don’t squat for too long. If constipation, pregnant mother should pay attention to rest, can properly stand up to adjust posture, prevent leg numbness.

> > > tips:

The market has pregnant women sit stool chair, can put on the squat toilet, for pregnant mother labor saving.

▎ how about a toilet?

Although the toilet can make pregnant women comfortable, but the health problems can not be ignored.

During pregnancy, the resistance of pregnant mother is low, and the resistance of birth canal to mold will decrease, which is easy to cause mycotic vaginitis. Therefore, when using the toilet must pay attention to hygiene.

[correct way to open the toilet]

✘ less use of public toilets: do not use public toilets outside, try not to use public toilets.

> > > tips:

Pregnant mother out to use the toilet, can be spread on the top of a disposable toilet mat, than the direct use of the toilet will be more sanitary.

   A kind of At home to regular disinfection: even the toilet at home can not be careless, to do regular cleaning and disinfection of the toilet. If a family member has reproductive tract disease, do not share a toilet.

✘ don’t play with your mobile phone when you go to the toilet: mothers to be should be attentive when they go to the toilet and don’t look at their mobile phones.

Squatting and toilet have their own advantages and disadvantages. Pregnant women should choose according to their own conditions, as long as they are used correctly. Give pregnant mother a wake-up call, learn more pregnancy knowledge during pregnancy, in order to better deal with emergencies, protect the fetus.


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