“The sun shines in the sky, the flowers laugh at me…” It’s hot and sunny. I can’t laugh. I just want to go back to winter and cool down. Don’t dream, summer is still long, especially in Guangdong, you will feel that half a year is summer. In the hot sun, how can we not avoid sunscreen, but pregnant mothers have different styles of sunscreen, there are conservatives, openers and rejectors, which one do you belong to?

Conservatives: sun hats, umbrellas, sunscreen clothes and sunglasses

Sunshade hat, umbrella, sunscreen clothes and sunglasses are the four sunscreen gems of conservative mothers in summer.

First of all, the intention of conservative pregnant mothers is very worthy of affirmation, but even with the shelter of umbrellas, sunshade caps and so on, they can not resist the powerful power of ultraviolet radiation. For pregnant mothers, by hormones, it is easy to long spots, if not pay attention to sunscreen, ultraviolet plus code, it is easier to long spots.

Faced with such powerful ultraviolet rays, sunscreen four treasures can block part of the sunshine in summer, but their sunscreen area is small, and the sunscreen effect is limited; besides, in the hot sun, it is very hot, sunscreen clothes and sunglasses are wrapped so tightly, not hot? Can you still play well? So, if you want to be impeccable, you need to use it in combination with other methods.

Open school: special sunscreen for pregnant women

Some mothers refuse to use any skin care products after pregnancy, let alone sunscreen. It is not wise to kill a boatman with a bamboo pole. In fact, there are pregnant women’s special sunscreen on the market, relatively speaking, it is safer, at least there is no exact data to prove that pregnant women’s special sunscreen will cause direct harm to mothers and infants. But without sunscreen, it’s easy to get long spots. I’m a living example. It’s too late to regret.

I’m not here to advertise. As for which brand of sunscreen is better, it’s up to the pregnant mother to decide for herself. But overall, large brands of pregnant women’s special sunscreen are more secure, but the price is relatively high.

You should know that SPF value is marked on the package of sunscreen, which is sunscreen coefficient. The larger the number, the higher the sunscreen coefficient, but the more irritating the skin, the more oily the texture. Pregnant mothers should choose sunscreen with corresponding sunscreen factor according to their actual needs. If you do not often go out or work, choose SPF15 or so, go out and play can choose more than SPF30 sunscreen.

Refusal: No sunscreen

For people who use sunscreen every day, they simply can’t live without sunscreen. But there are some pregnant mothers who don’t have sun protection. First, they feel that products such as sunscreen are unsafe, without which there will be no potential danger; second, pregnant women are very afraid of heat, wearing sunscreen clothes and sunglasses on hot days, and even heating; third, some pregnant mothers feel that pregnant women are good at sunshine, but also can supplement calcium, there is no need for sunscreen; third, some pregnant mothers in the workplace, because For sitting in an air-conditioned room most of the day, you can’t get the sun, and you don’t feel the need to use sunscreen.

But, you know what? Ultraviolet radiation is not only in the sun. Although you can’t feel it when you go to and from work, it will be on your face over time until you find it’s too late. Pregnant women need sunshine to supplement calcium, but there is no sun protection measures, sunstroke caution. Hey hey, the above mentioned special sunscreen for pregnant women, I think it is relatively safe, pregnant mothers in need may try it!

It’s not a joke that pregnant mothers need sunscreen when the sun shines in the sky. Choose a sunscreen that suits you to make it safer and healthier this summer!


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