A full monthly meal not only needs milk, energy, high protein, but also nutrition. Of course, delicacy is also very important!

Today, we recommend four delicious foods for pregnant mothers that not only taste good, but also supplement calcium. They are also good choices for making monthly meals.

Why calcium supplements?

The milk you secrete contains a lot of calcium. If you don’t get enough calcium from food, your body will “use” the calcium in your bones in order to maintain a stable level of calcium in the milk.

What foods do you eat to supplement calcium?

Milk and dairy products. This is the best source of dietary calcium. Skim milk has a higher calcium content than fresh milk.

Bean products. Such as soybeans, tofu, soya bean milk and other soy products.

Seafood. Such as canned sardines and canned salmon (with bone), shrimps and so on.

Vegetables with high calcium content. Such as snow, red cabbage, cabbage, rape, fennel, coriander, celery and so on.

Well, the food list has been given to you. If the “chef” at home is skilled in cooking, he can often change different dishes and tastes. If you don’t have energy DIY, Zanzhen Lanzhen has also prepared three tasty and simple calcium supplement recipes for you, just do it!

Recipe 1

Braised prawn with mushroom and bean curd

This is a recipe for high calcium and high protein. Fresh shrimp and tofu can not only provide more calcium for expectant mothers, but also supplement high-quality protein oh, and low fat content, conducive to avoiding postpartum obesity.

Recipe two

Prawn preserved eggs with Auricularia auricula

This is a recipe for calcium supplementation and iron supplements, especially for puerperium.

A lot of parturients will have the possibility of anemia, and it is necessary to have adequate iron supplement in the diet. Auricularia auricula in the recipe is iron-rich food (beef, jujube, animal blood, etc.), which can help expectant mothers to supplement iron during pregnancy.

Recipe three

Fresh mushrooms, oyster and bean curd soup

Soybean and soybean products can not only provide more calcium for expectant mothers, but also supplement high-quality protein.

Eating shellfish such as oysters, crickets and scallops properly can help mothers-to-be supplement zinc and DHA at the same time.

Postpartum calcium supplementation can not only help you to supplement the loss of calcium in the body, prevent osteoporosis and other issues, but also through breast milk to constantly import human needs of calcium into the baby’s body, participate in the development of the baby’s body and brain.

So, if you eat well and your milk is good, the baby can eat well and grow well. At this point, the role of mother’s milk is too important. Newborn baby, the body is still very weak, TA used to grow and develop and resist external nutrition are from your mother’s milk, so through the milk to the baby not only calcium, but also a lot of immune substances. For example, lactoferrin is the “nutritional big household” in milk, responsible for building a solid “fortress” for the baby, to help TA build their own resistance to external invasion. At the same time, MFGM milk globule and DHA in breast milk can also help babies effectively reduce the probability of bacterial and intestinal infections, and help babies brain grow faster, smarter and healthier!


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