Postpartum depression has always been a hot topic, but did you make it? Pregnancy depression is no longer a minority, many people have ignored. For example, fear of unqualified pregnancy tests, fear of growing too fat, fear of defective babies, fear of pain in the birth of babies…

Pregnancy is indeed a happy thing, but some mothers will become depressed for various reasons when they reach a certain gestational week. Especially in winter, when the weather is gloomy and cold, the pregnant mother has to stay at home and inevitably becomes depressed. Therefore, in sunny weather, pregnant mothers can take more sunshine bath to relax. It not only helps your health, but also helps you to get rid of depression.

Did you make it? Pregnant mothers benefit a lot from sunbathing in winter

Here are some of the benefits of sunbathing, mothers might as well come to know about it.

Prevention of Depression in Pregnancy

Sunshine is a natural stimulant. Studies have found that regular exposure to solar energy can dilate the capillaries of the human body and accelerate blood circulation, so that people will become full of vitality and sunshine, which can reduce the occurrence of depression.


Sunshine is also a natural bactericide. Because ultraviolet radiation in sunlight has bactericidal effect and can reduce the growth of bacteria. Smaller bacterial viruses can be killed after half an hour or several hours of exposure to light. Therefore, winter sunbathing has a good effect on improving the resistance of pregnant mothers.

Prevention of congenital rickets in children

After three months of pregnancy, the absorption of calcium in the fetal baby will increase slowly, at which time the fetal baby will take in the calcium in the mother’s body. Therefore, expectant mothers should take appropriate calcium supplements after 3 months of pregnancy. Calcium intake needs vitamin D in the human body. Natural vitamin D can only be absorbed by the human body in the sunlight. Therefore, maternal sunbathing can promote calcium absorption, thereby reducing the risk of congenital rickets in babies.

The right way to open a sunbath for a pregnant woman

Sunbathing does have many benefits. A little depressed pregnant mother, catch the sunshine just in time to go out for a beautiful sunbathing bar. When sunbathing, pay attention to the following things.

Know the best sunshine time of the day

Sunshine is not recommended at noon, because the ultraviolet radiation is too strong at this time, it is easy to burn the skin or tanning, generally choose 9-10 am or 4-5 p.m. this time period, the sunshine is relatively mild, the ultraviolet radiation is not strong, and can play a role in sterilization.

Full-time/working mothers-to-be need more arrangements

Pregnant mothers can arrange to go out to bask in the sun when they are free, especially working mothers and full-time mothers. They need to arrange more sunbathing indoors.

Location Selection of Sunbathing

If you go outdoors for sunbathing, you can choose some elegant places with fresh air, such as rivers and lakes, wilderness and forests, seaside and so on. It is advisable to control the sunshine for about half an hour, not more than one hour.

Choose the right sunscreen

Sunbathing outdoors in winter, mothers need to do a good job of sun protection. Mothers can apply mild physical sunscreen products to protect their skin from sunburn. In addition, you can eat more fruits and vegetables rich in VC.

Skin care after sunbathing

After sunbathing, pregnant mothers need to do a good job of skin care. Skin care products can be treated with gentle and harmless skin care after washing the face, and can be put on a mask to moisturize the skin.


Some mothers would like to ask, sitting at home can also be sunbathed, so calculate sunbathing? It’s actually influential. Sunshine at home, if the pregnant mother is exposed to the sun through the glass, the ultraviolet light in the sun can not penetrate ordinary glass, so only feel the temperature of the sun, but can not play the role of ultraviolet sterilization. So, mothers should try to get out and dry. If you don’t want to go out, it’s also a good place for sunbathing to put a reclining chair on the balcony.


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