Husbands have complained about their wives. Before pregnancy, they were a docile lamb. After pregnancy, they suddenly became a tigress. They were irritable, moody and unpredictable. Why is there such a big contrast before and after pregnancy? Pregnant women have a bad temper, both for themselves and for the fetus. Pregnant mothers should learn to control their emotions, and don’t let their husbands label themselves “angry”.

Pregnant women have a bad temper. Why?

In different periods of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body will have a variety of changes, and to bear different pressures, appear to have a temper, in fact, very normal.

Gestation 4-12 weeks: emotional instability. The pregnancy reaction and the change of identity after pregnancy make it difficult for the pregnant mother to accept. On the one hand, the pregnant mother should overcome the discomfort brought by the pregnancy reaction, on the other hand, she should persuade herself to accept the fact of pregnancy and adapt to the change of her role. During this period, the pregnant mother’s mood is often unstable, and occasionally she will lose her temper.

Gestation 16-32 weeks: gradual adaptation period. At this time, the pregnancy reaction has generally ended, and the pregnant mother’s appetite will become better, and gradually accept the fact of pregnancy, and gradually adapt to the new role. However, pregnant mothers are still under greater pressure because they are worried about the health of their fetus.

Gestation 32-40 weeks: overload period. The rapid development of the fetus makes the pregnant mother overburdened and inconvenient to move. Close to childbirth, increased ideological pressure, easy to appear tension, anxiety, excitement and other emotions, a little unsatisfactory place, will lose temper.

Pregnant women have a bad temper, what are the effects on the fetus?

Always hear others advise, pregnant mother should keep a happy mood, less angry. If a pregnant mother often loses her temper, what adverse effects will it have on her baby?

Hyperactive fetus

At 18-32 weeks of gestation, anxiety and depression will cause abnormal reaction of endocrine system of pregnant mother, which will lead to excessive activity of fetus in pregnant mother’s uterus. Excessive activity of fetal movement will cause adverse effects on fetal brain development. Serious words, but also cause fetal blood pressure rise and renal dysfunction.

Fetal growth retardation

Long term emotional stress of pregnant mothers, will have adverse effects on the fetus, and intrauterine growth retardation is one of the adverse effects. Intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) results in a growth restriction of the whole body and internal organs of the fetus, and the growth of the fetus is slower than expected. Growth retardation in early pregnancy is usually associated with chromosomal abnormalities, maternal diseases or placental abnormalities, while growth retardation in late pregnancy is related to maternal mood and other factors.

How to control pregnant women’s temper?

In order to protect the health of the fetus, pregnant mothers are good at finding effective ways to control their emotions. The following small methods, may as well try oh.

Sleep and take a lunch break

Lack of sleep time or poor sleep quality can easily lead to irritability. The pregnant mother should make her life easy and regular, develop the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, and insist on sleeping for a short time at noon every day or keep her eyes closed.

Communication and relaxation

Pregnant mothers should learn to control their emotions, communicate with friends and relatives, especially with positive and optimistic people, so that they can be infected by the positive and optimistic emotions. Pregnant mothers can also relax themselves by listening to music and walking.

Go shopping and release your emotions

Many women like to vent their emotions through shopping, and pregnant mothers are no exception. When depressed, a pregnant mother might as well ask her best friend to go shopping. In the process of buying and buying, all the depression will be forgotten. However, we should pay attention to the time when people are few when shopping to ensure safety.

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body and mind are under great pressure. When she is angry, her husband and her family should give more comfort and understanding. Especially the husband, as the closest person to the pregnant mother, should be a good husband in this special period.


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