For every small family, pregnant expectant mothers must be concerned. My husband’s care, mother-in-law’s advice, for fear of a slip, in addition to experience inheritance, elders will also say some funny pregnancy rumors.

Let’s see what netizens say first.

@ xiaomili: when she was pregnant, a girl friend’s baby had a full moon wine. Originally, she invited me, but her mother-in-law told her not to let me go, saying it would scare her baby~

@ yo yo yo: I was told that pregnant women can’t go to see patients, so they should go to the hospital less, but they don’t have to go to the prenatal examination.

The older generation heard a lot of rumors about pregnancy, but as pregnant mothers, we are always not good at refuting the elders. After all, they are also concerned. But care is chaotic, too much scruples, pregnant mother is not comfortable. What other pregnancy rumors are too alarmist?

1. Radiation

It is often seen that “radiation can cause deformity of the baby”. Although this statement has a certain truth, the radiation produced by the things that pregnant mothers usually contact can not reach the level of deformity of the fetus. It is not necessary for pregnant mothers to live in nature to ensure the health of the fetus.

Pregnant women who work on special occasions, such as long-term use of radio and other medical equipment, electronic equipment, production debugging, radio and television, communications, navigation, radar and other launch room near the scene, pregnant women still need to do a good job of protective measures, or apply for the transfer of posts.

2. Don’t eat “meat with bad meaning”

What is “meat with bad meaning”? For example, rabbit meat, duck’s paw, beef and so on, many people say that eating rabbit meat will lead to the baby’s cleft lip phenomenon. Eating duck’s paw will make the baby’s hands and toes inseparable or grow a sixth hand toe. After eating too much beef, the baby will be hairy all over. This kind of claim has no scientific basis, or is misled by the saying “shape to shape”, but it is really brain hole. Because according to this statement, pregnant mother eat pig ears, the fetus is afraid of pig ears.

In fact, as long as the pregnant mother does not eat raw, cold, spicy, and stale food, the diversification of diet is more conducive to the fetal nutrition intake.

3. Cut your hair short during pregnancy

Pregnancy cut short hair, easy to take care of, this is very easy to understand. But if the reason for short hair is too long hair will consume more nutrition?!

No matter how long the hair is, it’s just a little bit from the daily intake of nutrition. How can it capture the baby’s nutrition? So the beauty of pregnant mother is not necessarily cut short hair, the key or according to their own needs to decide.

4. Eat fruit, baby’s skin is good

Is not often told that pregnant women eat more fruit, the baby was born with white skin. But eating too much fruit will increase the intake of sugar, leading to an increased risk of gestational diabetes. It is recommended that pregnant women eat a fist sized fruit every day.

Rumors stop at wise people. The most important thing during pregnancy is to keep a happy mood for labor and maintain normal work and rest. Too much anxiety is not conducive to the development of the baby.


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