It’s cool in autumn, rich in products, but it’s inevitable that the air is dry, so it’s always easy to be thirsty. Especially pregnant mothers, the situation is special, the need for water than before pregnancy is also different. Many pregnant mothers were puzzled, “just drink water. If you’re thirsty, what’s the point?”

After all, there is a fragile baby in the stomach. Whether it’s going out, eating or sleeping, we should always pay attention to the state of the baby. Therefore, even if it’s drinking water, we can’t ignore it.

▍ some water is not drinkable

1. Don’t drink boiled water that has been boiling for a long time or repeatedly

After boiling water repeatedly, the concentration of silver nitrite, nitrite ion, arsenic and other harmful substances in water increases relatively. After drinking boiling water for a long time, it will lead to low methemoglobin in the blood and synthesize methemoglobin which can not carry oxygen, thus causing blood poisoning.

2. Never drink tap water without boiling

Chlorine in tap water interacts with residual organic matter in water to produce a carcinogen called trihydroxy. Pregnant mothers can not drink boiled water stored in hot water bottle for more than 24 hours, because with the gradual decline of water temperature in the bottle, the organic matter containing chlorine in the water will be continuously decomposed into harmful nitrite, which is extremely harmful to the internal environment of pregnant mothers.

3. Don’t drink tea made from mug

Tea contains a lot of tannic acid, theophylline, aromatic oil and vitamins. If the tea is soaked in the water of the thermos cup, a lot of vitamins will be destroyed and the nutrition will be reduced, the tea will be bitter and the harmful substances will increase, which will cause the disorder of digestive system and nervous system after drinking.

▍ how do pregnant mothers drink water correctly

1) get up in the morning with a cup of warm water

Every morning drink warm water, because it is an empty stomach drink, so the water in the stomach retention time is relatively short, then quickly into the intestinal tract, dilute the blood, reduce the high concentration of blood, supplement the water lost by cells at night. Can enhance the liver detoxification ability and digestive tract excretion ability, promote appetite, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation.

2) drink the right amount of water

Although drinking water during pregnancy helps to sweat, urinate and promote bacterial excretion. Relieve constipation, accelerate metabolism, but also can not drink too much, drink too much, can have a certain burden on the kidney, usually must pay attention to eat more fruits and vegetables. Especially to the third trimester of pregnancy, the best amount of water to control within 1000ml per day, drink too much is also easy to cause edema oh.

3) drinking time and method

Pregnant mothers can’t wait until they are thirsty to drink water. Drinking water should also avoid too fast, too fast or too big mouth. It’s easy to bring air in together, causing hiccups or abdominal distension. They should first put water in the mouth, and then swallow it slowly. Pregnant mothers can drink water every 2 hours, so that they don’t want to drink water until they are thirsty, because thirsty is proof that the human body has been short of water, rather than starting to be short of water. So, the best way is to get into the habit of drinking water regularly.

There are no small things during pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy, pregnant mothers must follow the doctor’s advice to have regular prenatal examination and self-examination, pay close attention to the dynamics of the baby, relax their mind, and be ready to welcome the arrival of new life at any time.


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