Every time I see a pregnant woman I know, I can’t escape the topic of conversation. I can’t help but predict whether the baby in my stomach is a man’s treasure or a woman’s treasure. People have a variety of conjectures on the judgment of giving birth to boys and girls. The more common one is to observe the changes of the pregnant mother’s body, body shape and hobbies.

For example: sour and spicy women; the tip of the stomach is a boy, and the round is a girl; the upper part of the stomach is a boy, and the lower part is a girl; if the skin gets worse, it is a boy, but if the skin gets better, it is a girl; if the pregnancy and vomiting is mild, it is a boy, but it is a girl There are even some by observing the physical changes of pregnant mothers to judge.

There is a more popular way is: pregnant women’s belly black line dark color is a boy, light is a girl; black vertical line left or middle is a boy, partial right is a girl; thin line is to give birth to a boy, thick is to give birth to a daughter. Is that really the case?

Of course not!

So, why is this black line on your stomach?

In fact, everyone has this line. The difference is only in the depth of the color.

It is a line band formed by the fusion of the aponeurosis of the abdominal muscles of the anterior abdominal wall. The muscle fiber tissue adheres to it and passes through the navel to the pubis from the xiphoid process of the sternum to the symphysis of the pubis, forming the midline that divides the left and right sides of the belly. Except for the attachment of human muscle, it has no function.

First, pregnancy hormone changes, pigment deposition has this line

Most pregnant women find that after pregnancy, there will be a very inconspicuous white line on the stomach. In the second and later stages of pregnancy, the color of this light line will be deepened, and it will extend up to the chest position, and the surrounding skin will turn black.

This line is also known as the pregnancy line, and 90% of pregnant mothers produce a pregnancy line. Some pregnant women’s gestational line is very shallow, while some pregnant women’s pregnancy line is very deep, which is also normal, generally with the pregnant mother’s own constitution, age, skin color, hormone levels will have an impact. For pregnant women with relatively dark skin, melanin is easy to precipitate, and the midline is dark and dark; for pregnant mothers with white skin, the color of midline is lighter and less obvious.

After pregnancy, due to the role of hormones and hormones, resulting in melanin precipitation, as the pregnant woman’s stomach becomes larger, this line is stretched, it looks more obvious. Some pregnant women’s line will grow villi; some pregnant women’s belly does not grow very fast, and the melanin on the belly is not easy to accumulate, so the black line is not obvious.

So, the midline of pregnancy has nothing to do with boys and girls!

It is not reliable to judge the birth of boys and girls through the midline of pregnancy. In addition, it is also unreliable to judge the sex of a fetus by sour and spicy women; protruding navel to give birth to men and women; sharp belly to give birth to men and round women; more fetal movements and faster fetal heart rate are boys, and vice versa; pregnancy vomiting is mostly girls, and less pregnancy vomiting is girls!

Second, how to remove the midline of pregnancy?

Generally speaking, the midline of pregnancy in postpartum a few months to a year, hormone returned to normal, will gradually disappear, but also a small number of mothers need a longer time to disappear.

If pregnant mothers want to maintain a beautiful belly, then they should try their best to maintain and improve melanin deposition. Eat less photosensitive food, control weight during pregnancy, do not increase too fast; can be coated with vitamin C, E type of pregnancy cream, lotion and so on, when going out to do sunscreen work, do not fear melanin precipitation to find upper body.   

Every baby is a mother’s gift. Since you can’t know the baby’s gender before delivery, why don’t you leave a surprise and look forward to the day when you officially meet your baby? Whether it’s a boy or a girl, as long as the baby grows healthily, it’s the best, right?


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