In the third trimester of pregnancy, the growing abdomen brings a lot of inconvenience to pregnant mothers, but late pregnancy is the key time before childbirth, at this time, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to all aspects, while making full preparations for childbirth. Whether it’s diet, work, travel, or daily life, there are many details, I wonder if pregnant mothers know?

Third trimester diet

Delivery is physical activity. In the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to store enough energy to prepare for childbirth. Carbohydrate foods in their diet are essential. Although protein can also provide calories for the body, protein from meat provides far less calories than needed during childbirth. Carbohydrates provide the most direct heat. Therefore, the diet of pregnant mothers must be rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, protein, and these foods should be easily digested and absorbed by the intestine.

Rice contains carbohydrates, which can directly provide calories for pregnant mummy.

Vegetables and fruits can supplement human body’s vitamins and minerals. For example, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, these vegetables are low in calories and sugar. Apples, bananas, oranges are ideal fruits during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can also eat the fruit of the season, but the nature of cool or high sugar content of fruits, is not edible.

A bottle of milk with an egg can meet the average person’s daily protein requirements, maternal consumption is higher than normal, an extra cup of yogurt is more appropriate.

Third trimester, work & travel chapter

Many pregnant moms will fight to the end and start their vacation before they are close to the expected date of delivery. To a certain extent, work life is conducive to the health of pregnant mothers, but we must pay attention to, not too tired, pay attention to the combination of work and leisure, work for a period of time, to get up and walk around, relax, and pay attention to travel safety.

Subway and bus are the most common means of transportation for pregnant moms and commuters. But it’s dangerous for pregnant mothers to be surrounded by crowded scenes during rush hours. Therefore, if your unit can apply for off-peak commuting, pregnant mothers still try to avoid the peak commuting, after all, safety first.

In summer, the air-conditioning temperature in the bus and subway will be relatively low. It is suggested that the pregnant mother prepare a small coat for the occasional need. The road is far away, you can own a bottle of water, convenient and timely replenishment of water.

Mothers who drive to and from work can drive carefully as long as there is no premature birth such as bleeding or abdominal pain. When approaching childbirth, try to avoid driving alone, if it is really inconvenient, willing to spend more money to take a taxi to work or let the prospective father to work hard to pick up and deliver, but also to ensure safety.

Third trimester of life

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the abdomen of the pregnant mother is getting bigger and bigger, and the pressure on the uterus is getting bigger and bigger. At this time, the life rhythm of the pregnant mother should be slowed down to avoid all external stimulation, so as to safely pass the third trimester of pregnancy. Increasing abdomen can also increase the load on the waist. At this point, pregnant mothers can use a brace to give the abdomen a good support, thereby sharing the pressure on the waist.

Pregnant mothers who want to breastfeed can start breast maintenance from six months of pregnancy, and you can maintain your breasts by breast massage, cold compress, etc. However, it should be noted that if the massage causes contraction, it must be stopped immediately to avoid premature delivery. In addition, as the breast changes, to replace the bra in time according to their own size, which is conducive to breast health.

Many pregnant moms may have edema of hands and feet in the third trimester. At this point, you can eliminate edema by soaking your feet with bath salt, replenishing your body with water, massaging your acupoints, and eating less salt. Edema in the third trimester of pregnancy is very common, and if it is not particularly severe without special treatment, it will disappear after childbirth.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the frequency of maternity check-ups is relatively high. Pregnant mothers should not be lazy because they think everything is normal. The maternity check-ups can timely observe the condition of the fetus and ensure the health and safety of the fetus. If the expectant father has time to accompany his wife to go to the maternity examination, after all, there are many inconveniences in running to the hospital with a large stomach, accompanied by her husband, pregnant mother will feel more comfortable.


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